Australian Visa Refusal

The Australian visa refusal can be stressful. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection is quite strict when it comes to the criteria for eligibility for Australian Visa applicants. Australian Tourist Visas are one of the most popular visas applied for every year, and there are a number of reasons why a visa application is refused or rejected.

The 7 common reasons for an Australian visa rejection is the following. You come from a high risk country and applied for the wrong type of visa. Your visa history shows that you had been rejected before. Inconsistent information in your application. False information or lack of evidence. False documents, health related rejections and criminal records.

The Australian visa refusal is when the visa application has failed at the decision-making stage. The Australian visa rejection is a visa denial that has not reached the decision-making stage. The visa refusal may be incorrect documents while the visa rejection is an outright rejection.

Australian Visa Refusal

Here are some reasons why Australian Visa Applications are rejected:

Most often, the first reason why a visa application is rejected is based on which country the applicant is from. Applying for the wrong visa subclass has a high risk of refusal. In addition, always check that you have the correct visa. The Australian tourist visa is not meant to be an Australian fiancee visa or an Australian spouse visa.

– Applicant has been refused an Australian visa before or has not met the conditions before;

Another reason for possible visa refusal is your visa history, sometimes the visa applicant failed to meet the conditions of a previous Australian Visa.

– Visa application is Inconsistent;

It is extremely important to make sure that there are no inconsistencies in your visa application. Any inconstancy will create a visa rejection as they will suspect other motives. In addition, working in Australia without a work permit or correct visa is illegal and this has become a common issue.

– Lack of evidence for the visa application documents;

The applicant failed to provide sufficient documents for the visa application. This is another common problem with an Australian spouse visa or fiancee visa. Always seek proper legal advice when making an application for an Australian Spouse visa or Australian fiancee visa from Thailand.


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– Providing false and misleading documents;

Any chance of future visa applications will surely be refused due to a history of providing false documentation and misleading information. This is not common however the Australian Embassy will want verified documents when applying for an Australian visa or the visa will be denied.

– Failure to meet health requirements;

Australia has very high health standards, and for an applicant to be granted a visa – one must satisfy the department that you are not posing any health threat to the Australian public. If this is for a fiancee or spouse visa then see the medical requirements for a fiancee visa from Thailand.

– Failure to meet the character requirements;

When applying for a visa to Australia, lots of things will be looked into, and one of those is the character of the visa applicant. It is necessary for the department to be aware of any criminal convictions that you may have, in Australia and any other country that you have visited or resided in.