Australian Tourist Visa for Thai

Speak to us about the Australian tourist visa for Thai requirements and the application process. The tourist visa to Australia from Thailand is easy to apply for. With cheap flights in Asia becoming very common. More Thai people wish to visit further away from Thailand. Australia has become one of the biggest destinations in Asia for Thai and Japanese citizens. In addition, if you are planning a holiday in Australia then contact us to arrange and apply for an Australian visa for you holiday.

Australian Tourist Visa for Thai

If you have a Thai girlfriend and wish to show her Australia then you can also apply for an Australian visa. Similarly, with offices in Phuket and in Bangkok, we can assist you with the process. Note however that if you are planning on getting married in Australia then you cannot take your Thai girlfriend on a tourist visa but would need to apply for the proper visa being the Australian Fiancée Visa. If you are already married then an Australian Marriage Visa is the correct visa to apply for. Similarly, you can find the Australia spouse visa checklist as well as the Australian fiancee visa requirements on this website. Use the correct visa for Australia. 

Similarly, as a Thai national without any family or relation to Australia. For instance, you can apply for an Australian Tourist visa (subclass 600). This tourist visa allows you or your Thai girlfriend to stay in Australia for a fixed period of time. In conclusion, this can be either for three, six, or twelve months. See also the evisa option and the Visa 601 vs 651 differences.

Australian Tourist Visa for Thai

Tourist visa to Australia from Thailand

We will be delighted to assist you with your tourist visa application to Australia through our comprehensive package added below. The tourist visa to Australia from Thailand is explained. Much like any other country you need to be able to show the Australian Embassy in Bangkok that you will be returning to Thailand. In order to do this you need to be able to show a connection to Thailand. This can be any of the following:


  • You are employed in Thailand. If you can show that you have been employed for a long period of time with a company or that you have a good permanent job in the formal sector then it is much easier to obtain the tourist visa as they know that you will return to Thailand.


  • Savings in the bank is also another option as it shows that you are not going to Australia to work and that you are able to take care of yourself while in Australia.


  • Owning property or a car is also a plus as again it will show that you will return as you have assets and property in Thailand which you will not abandon.


  • Having dependents in Thailand is another way of showing ties to Thailand. If you have children or married then this is also a good way of showing your ties to Thailand and that you will return to the country.


Tourist Visa Streams

There are a number of visa streams for Australia. The Tourist visa for Australia from Thailand has three main streams. This is the tourism stream as well as the family stream. In addition, the second one allows you to visit friends and family in Australia. The final stream is the business stream. This type of tourist visa (Type 600) allows for this. Each visa stream has its own limitations as the stream for family requires a security bond.

For normal tourism this is not needed. In addition, each visa also comes with options in terms of length and what you are allowed to do while in Australia. You will note that most Thai applications tend to be for the easier 3 months tourism visa as this is what most require. You can apply for the tourist visa for Australia from Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. Speak to us online for more advice. 

See also the Australian visa for Thai girlfriend as a tourist visa is not recommended. There is also the Australian visa refusal reasons which shows the most common denial reasons. The Australian visa interview questions as well as the Australian fiancee visa requirements are also covered. 


Tourist stream (apply outside Australia)

This is meant for people who simply want to visit Australia for the purpose of tourism. The is a very common  Australian visa from Thailand to Australia. Most Australian visas are granted within 45 days from the date of applications. You can also use this to visit friends and family. 

Stay:  Up to 12 months


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You can be granted an Australian tourist visa for a stay of 3, 6 or 12 months;
  • In addition, you can visit family and friends with this visa;
  • Also you must have enough funds to support your stay and leave
  • You must be in Thailand or outside of Australia when you apply for this visa.


Sponsored family visa stream

There are those who have family in Australia who are now Australian citizen or someone who is an Australian permanent resident. This could be your parents, sister or brother or other family member. It is very common in Thailand to use this when Thai people visit family members.

Stay : Up to 12 months
  • You must be sponsored by an eligible family member who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • In addition, your sponsor must pay a security bond;
  • Also you can also study or train for 3 months at your own expense;
  • You must be in Thailand when you apply for the visa;


Business visitor visa stream

You can visit Australia for the purposes of business.  These are for meetings and presentations or attending to a conference  or Trade show. 

Stay: Up to 3 months


  • This is short term visa for business reasons. You are not allowed to sell goods and services;
  • You can come and go into Australia many times as long as the visa is valid;
  • In addition, you can’t be paid by the organisers to take part in a trade fair;
  • You must apply from Thailand for this Australian tourist visa stream.


Australian Visa Processing Times

These are the current visa processing times as at February 2022. With Covid these times will vary. 



25% Of Visas

50% Of Visas

75% Of Visas

90% Of Visas

600 – Visitor


14 days

25 days

45 days

11 months

600 – Visitor

Sponsored Family

24 days

35 days

70 days

12 months

600 – Visitor

Business Visitor

1 day

1 day

3 days

8 days

651 – eVisitor


Less than 1 day

Less than 1 day

13 days

46 days

We will be delighted to assist you with your tourist visa application to Australia.

Australian Tourist Visa Package:

If you are applying for a tourist visa to Australia the process is rather simple and straightforward but can be confusing and also frustrating. If you wish to ensure the success of your Australian visa application in Thailand then it is advisable that you enlist the services of an immigration law firm with solid experience in assisting Thai applicants in their Australian visa applications.

We Offer:


You would benefit greatly from their expertise thus, saving you from the usual hassles of applying for the Australian tourist visa for a Thai on your own or worst getting a letter of denial from the embassy. We will be delighted to assist you with your fiancé visa application to Australia through our comprehensive package as follows:


  • Consultation
  • Thorough evaluation of the applicant’s economic and social ties to Thailand
  • Comprehensive list of documents for the applicant and for the sponsor (if any)
  • Assistance with collecting the required documents
  • Professional preparation of the visa application papers and documents
  • Interview training
  • Submission of the application to the VFS
  • Visa application results update
Australian Tourist Visa Package:

Speak to us today about your holiday in Australia and allow us to assist you with your visit to Australia. With correspondent attorneys in Australia, we can assure you of the best advice at a cost-effective price. Call us today toll-free from Australia or walk into our offices in Bangkok or Phuket for more assistance and advice.

G.A.M. Legal Alliance is delighted to assist you with your foreign Visa applications such as the Australian tourist visas. Our team of experienced and professional staff can walk you through the visa application process and ensure the successful acquisition of your Australian tourist visa. Feel free to contact us or visit our office and avail our free consultation service. See also the working holiday visa Australia for Thai option.

The information contained on our website is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For further information, please contact us.

Australian Tourist Visa FAQ

Do Thai need visa for Australia?

Yes a Thai national needs a visa to visit Australia. You can apply for an Australian tourist visa from Thailand (subclass 600). The first visa is much shorter than the second Australian visa. In addition, the first visa might only be 3 months and the next may be 6 to 12 months.

How much does Australian tourist visa cost?

The cost for an Australian tourist visa will vary as it will depend on how you apply as well as what will be needed. The visa can cost anywhere between AUD145 – AUD1,065 per application. In addition, you will need to see what these costs are for you in Thailand.

How long can my Thai girlfriend stay in Australia?

Your Thai girlfriend can obtain a visitors visa for 3 months from Thailand. The second visa may be longer but most times the tourist visa for Australia tends to be for only 3 months. In addition, the costs will also differ so consider how many months she wants to be in Australia for.

How long does Australian tourist visa take?

This is going to depend however it is normally 20 days or 3 weeks. Depending on your interview and also local and foreign public holidays the tourist visa for Australia will be issued in about 20 days.

What documents are required for Australian tourist visa?

The documents needed for the Australian tourist visa is normally your passport, Financial statements, proof of employment and your hotel bookings or travel itinerary. In addition, they will need to check if you will return to Thailand and need to see that you have strong ties to your own country.

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