Australian visa interview questions

Do you know the Australian visa interview questions? If you are applying for an Australian Spouse Visa or an Australian Fiancée Visa for your Thai wife or Thai fiancée then you will need to ensure that she is aware that there will be an interview at the Embassy before the visa is issued.

This is where the visa application process in Thailand can become very complicated. Speak to us about what is needed and how best to apply for the visa without an Australian visa denial which will delay the visa for up to 2 years. There is also the reason for a visa denial. These are the Australia spouse visa interview questions as well as some of the partner visa interview questions for Australia. See also the Visa 601 vs 651 which is an Australian eVisa. See also the working holiday visa Australia for Thai option.

Australian Visa Interview Questions

Australian Visa Interview Questions

Age Differences:

The case officers usually decide based on the nature of the application. This is a basic idea but anything can happen. Therefore, the first question would be if the relationship is genuine or not. This is where they look at the age differences between the applicant and the sponsor. See more on the Australian visa page.


  •  23-year-old Thai woman getting married to a 59-year-old Australian.


They are going to ask a number of questions such as the following to access the validity of the relationship by looking at the reasons for the relationship and will see what the education levels are of the woman and her occupation:


  • Where did you meet the first time?
  • How well do you speak English?
  • In addition, have you met each other’s families?
  • What do you plan on doing in Australia in the future?


Note that they will check the answers with what has been written in the application for the Australian visa when you handed all the documents in. Therefore, it is best not to be creative with the truth as they might view that as fraud or untrustworthy and look at the application for a denial based on inconsistent or confusing information. They are also going to want to know how you communicate with each other and how often.


  • How do you contact each other when he goes back to Australia?
  • Do you just use email?


Married Couples:

Much like the above, the questions will vary from a case officer to case officer. Therefore, they will want to know if you are living together in Thailand and how the house is managed by both of you. The questions are there to ensure that there will not be problems later in Australia so they need to see if the relationship is genuine. Typical questions would be:


  • Who pays for the apartment rental each month?
  • What does she/he do for a living in Australia or in Thailand?
  • Have you met the family – who and when?
  • In addition, where did he/she go to school?
  • What does he/she like for breakfast?


The interview questions vary however it is best to ensure that when you applied for the visa and loos at the Australia spouse visa checklist that you have provided this truthfully and understood what was said and written. If there appears to be confusion or suspicion then the Australian visa will be denied.

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Australia visa interview questions

What questions are asked in Australian student visa interview?

– What is the purpose of your visit?

– Why are you studying in Australia?

– Do you plan to live in Australia once completed?

– What course in Australia have you registered for?

– What does your course cost?

These are there to see if you are actually going to study.

What questions are asked in Australian fiancee visa interview?

– Where did you meet your fiancee?

– How old is your fiancee?

– When are you getting married?

– Where are you going to live in Australia?

– What does your fiancee do for a living?

These are there to see if you actually know the basics of each other.

What questions are asked in Australian spouse visa interview?

– How long have you been married?

– What is your mother-in-laws name?

– Where are you going to live in Australia?

– What does your husband do for a living?

These are there to see if you actually know each other.