Police Clearance Certificate in Thailand

The Police Clearance Certificate in Thailand is very important. If you are applying for a US Visa or an Australian visa then the US Embassy and the Australian Embassy require that your Thai wife or Thai fiancée provides them with a police clearance certificate issued in Bangkok for her visa.

This goes as well as the US Embassy in Bangkok as well as the British Embassy in Bangkok. Always speak to a lawyer about applying for a visa while in Thailand as the police certificate is only one documents needed in the visa application process. The police clearance certificate Bangkok is explained below. 

Police Clearance Certificate in Thailand

The police clearance certificate serves as a common requirement for various foreign visa applications in Thailand. Whether you’re applying for a US Visa or a UK Visa, this certificate is essential. It’s worth noting that this certificate is issued at the Special Police Branch, specifically the Police Clearance Service Center, located in Bangkok.

To obtain a police clearance certificate in Thailand for Thai police, you must gather several important documents:

In addition to a copy of your Thai wife/fiancée’s passport, make sure the passport is not only valid but will also remain so for several years. This is crucial as it will be necessary for both the Embassy visa application and any future extensions. Thailand offers both 5-year and 10-year passports, and ensuring its validity simplifies matters when dealing with visa adjustments or status changes while abroad.

You’ll also need to provide a copy of her National ID card, as it will be linked to her fingerprints on the police clearance certificate. If your Thai wife has changed her name or surname, include a copy of her name/surname change certificate. Some Thai women revert to their maiden surname after initially changing it upon marriage, while others retain their married surname.


Fingerprints & Tabian Baan

Include a copy of her House registration certificate (Tabian Baan). This document is vital for various Thai government office procedures, so ensure it is provided to the immigration lawyer handling your case. Depending on her marital status, include a copy of either the marriage certificate or a divorce decree. This documentation is crucial for the application process.

Lastly, if she has a military background, provide a copy of her military certificate. It’s worth noting that this requirement is typically more applicable to Thai husbands than Thai women. By gathering these necessary documents, you’ll be well-prepared to obtain the required police clearance certificate for your visa application in Thailand.

Police Clearance Check List

The police clearance certificate is the same used for all foreign visa applications in Thailand. This could be a US Visa or a UK visa. Note that the police certificate is issued at the Special Police Branch (Police Clearance Service Canter) in Bangkok. You need to have the following documents to obtain a police clearance certificate in Thailand for Thai police. These documents are listed as:

Copy of your Thai wife/fiancée passport

Ensure that the passport is valid and that it will be valid for a few years as it will need to receive the visa  from the Embassy as well as the extension. Thailand has 5 year passports as well as 10 year passports. You dont want to complicate life when you still need to wait for a visa adjustment change of status when in a foreign country. 

Also a Copy of her National ID card

They will require her Thai ID card so that they can also add this to her fingerprints as police clearance certificate. 

Copy of her name/surname change certificate

If your Thai wife had changed her surname then she will need a copy of her name change certificate. Some Thai women change back to their maiden surname after having changed it after getting married. There are also those who changed it to their married surname. 


Additional Documents

As well as a Copy of her House registration certificate (Tabian Baan)

The Tabian Baan would be needed so she will need to ensure that she gives this to the immigration lawyer. This will be needed for many Thai documents from government offices.

Copy of her marriage/divorce certificate

The copy of the marriage certificate will also be needed or a decree of divorce. 

Finally a Copy of Military certificate if she was in the military

This is not really applicable to Thai women, but your Thai husband.


These are the basic documents needed for a police clearance certificate which can be obtained in Bangkok only at Special Branch. This is needed for the following visa applications in Thailand:

Australian Fiancée Visa

Australian Spouse Visa

US Spouse Visa (CR1 Visa)

US Fiancée Visa (K1 Visa)

UK Spouse Visa

UK Fiancée Visa

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Police Clearance FAQ

How do I get a police clearance certificate in Thailand?

To obtain the police clearance certificate in Thailand you will need to go to the Thai Special Branch Police in Bangkok and complete the needed form and have your fingerprints taken. They will then send the fingerprints and a clearance certificate back to you. It takes about 3 weeks.

How do I get a Thai police check?

If you need this is part of the visa process then the attorneys will give you a letter to have this taken and the results send back to your lawyer or to the Embassy. The process takes 3 weeks to complete and the costs depends on how quickly you need the results.

Police Clearance Thailand opening Hours

The times are from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. You will also need to appear in person as the fingerprints will need to be taken. This is at the side entrance of the Thai Police Head Office in Bangkok.

Thai Police clearance for Thai visa

If you wish to apply for an work permit in Thailand then a police clearance certificate might be needed by your employer. You will need to check if this will be required as it would need to be arranged before the non- immigrant visa is issued or the work permit is issued.

Criminal Background Checks Required for Thai Visa ?

Only for certain passport holders. Those with a passport from an African country (South Africa incl.) will need to have their fingerprints taken to have their retirement or marriage visas extended. You will have to have your police clearance certificate as part of the renewal process documents.