Getting Married in Thailand for Vietnamese Nationals

Getting married in Thailand for Vietnamese is explained here. Vietnamese Nationals who contemplate on marrying in Thailand need to bring the following documents from Vietnam and present it to the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok.  The Embassy will issue the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry in return which is necessary for the Thai Marriage.

Getting Married in Thailand for Vietnamese Nationals

– Certificate of Single Status. This is obtained at the local district office in Vietnam where the party resides.

– Original of the Divorce Certificate. This is required for those who have been married before which ended in either divorce or death of Spouse.

– Original of Vietnamese Passport.

– National ID card/Valid ID card.

– Original of Fiancé’ Passport.

– The Household Registration Certificate

– Original of Birth Certificate.

– Original of the Divorce Certificate of Fiance’ if he/she had been married before.


Upon submission of these documents at the Vietnamese Embassy, the Affirmation letter will be provided to the applicant for him/her to complete. It’s important to have the following information ready to be able to complete the form immediately: Personal Information, name of parents, address, nationality of fiancee and two references and their addresses. The Affirmation may be given within a day or two. You have to tell this to the officer otherwise she will ask you to return after 2 days. See also getting married in Thailand as a Filipina.

Once you have obtained the document, you are now ready to proceed with getting married in Thailand to see more.


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