Re-entry Permit Application in Thailand

One of the confusing terms used when applying for a Thai visa or any visa for that matter is the word re-entry permit which is further classified into single or multiple. While this sounds like a minor part of the whole visa application endeavor, its importance cannot be ignored. For one, without a re-entry permit, long term visas are canceled when you leave the country.

Re-entry Permit Application in Thailand

This means you would need to do the whole visa application process again when you get back to continue your stay in Thailand. Imagine the hassles of re-doing your visa application because of missing this seemingly minor aspect.

Single entry vs. multiple entry visa

Thai long term visas are either single entry or multiple entries with the exemption of a tourist visa which is either single or double entries.

A Single entry visa simply means the visa can be used for a single entry hence to maximize a single-entry one-year visa to Thailand, you would need to stay in the country for a year. This is because leaving the country within the validity period of your visa results in the cancellation of your visa. Not unless you applied for a re-entry permit beforehand.

A Multiple entry visa, on the other hand, allows the holder to go in and out of the country as he/she wishes without the risk of the visa getting canceled. Obtaining this visa upgrade of course entails additional fees in the amount of THB 3800.

Application of re-entry permit

In case you were in a single entry visa and you would like to leave the country for some reasons and that you wish to come back, it’s advised that you apply for a re-entry permit at the nearest Immigration office a day or two before your departure. The requirements are as follow:

– Passport and a copy of the photo and visa page

– Completed Application Form

– Passport-sized photo (1)

– Fee : THB 1000

You just turn in the above to the officer who in turn will stamp your passport with a re-entry logo. You may request multiple entries should you anticipate more trips abroad in the future.  Be sure that the Immigration Officer sees your re-entry permit at the immigration booth so your visa won’t get canceled.

See also: The re-entry permit you will need on an extended visa. There is also the issue of overstay in Thailand and being blacklisted in Thailand. There is also the guardian visa for Thailand outside of your Thai dependency visa as you see. Also see when you marry and live in Thailand.

Authorizing other people for you

If you find it inconvenient to visit the Immigration Office yourself, you may authorize someone to apply for the re-entry permit on your behalf. You would need to provide the required documents however including your passport.

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