Bringing your dependants to stay in Thailand

Bringing your dependants to stay in Thailand takes good coordination and the correct paperwork. As a long term visa holder in Thailand or ones who have non immigrant visas with corresponding other requirements such as work permit for business visas, you can legally bring your dependants in the Kingdom of Thailand through a visa called Non Immigrant O visa or Dependent Visa. Note the marriage visa in  Thailand as the same.

Bringing your dependants to stay in Thailand

If you are going to live in Thailand and work. Then you might want to bring your family with you to live in Thailand. This could be for education where you children are going to go to school. See also the process for this.

Thai Dependent Visa Application

Just to be clear, your dependents constitute your immediate relatives such as your spouse, children and parents. In particular, the following long term visa holders are qualified to sponsor their dependents to come and stay with them in Thailand:

– Holders of  business visas with valid work permits;

– Holders of retirement visas. The dependent though should be younger than 50 years old (or)

– Otherwise, the applicant will be advised to obtain a retirement visa;

– Holders of Non O visas for people working in foundations and charities with valid work permits.

Requirements for the Dependent Visa Application

As the visa is dependent on the visa of the sponsor, it is vital to establish the following:

– Proof of relationship between the sponsor and the dependants evidence*

– Valid Visa and Work Permit of the sponsor

Other miscellaneous requirements include:

– Recent, passport sized photos

– Completed application forms

– Passport

* Marriage certificate (for spouse dependent), birth certificate (for children). These certificates should be duly legalized by your embassy in Thailand before they will be submitted to the immigration office.

Visa Application Process

The visa applicant may apply for an initial visa from the Thai embassy/consulate in his home country or if the applicant is already in Thailand under tourist visa, the visa can also be organized within Thailand provided that all requirements are met and there’s a 21 day remaining validity in the applicant’s current visa. Extension of the visa to one year can be accomplished at the immigration office 21 days before the 90 day visa expire.

See also: The re-entry permit you will need on an extended visa. There is also the issue of overstay in Thailand and being blacklisted in Thailand. There is also the guardian visa for Thailand outside of your Thai dependency visa as you see here.

Issues after Obtaining the Dependent Visa

90-day ReportYou are required to report your residential address to the nearest Thai immigration every 90 days 7 days before or after the due date. A fine of THB 3,000 is imposed for failure to do the report. This is not required if you are not in the country when this is due. You are not allowed to work with this Visa. If you would like to work in Thailand you need to apply for Non B Visa and work permit.


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