Convert Thai tourist visa to Thai marriage visa

To convert a Thai tourist visa to marriage visa in Thailand follows the following process. If you are married to a Thai national or got married in Thailand while on a tourist visa you do not need to leave the country to get a new visa if you have at least 15 days left on your tourist visa. You can once you have registered your marriage in Thailand apply to convert the tourist visa to a marriage visa or Thai Non Immigrant “O” visa.

In order to start the process you need to have at least 15 days left on your tourist visa as it is a 2 week process to convert the visa from a tourist visa to a marriage visa. You have to proceed to Thai immigration and complete the conversion form at immigration and provide them with copies of your ability to meet and exceed the financial requirements for a marriage visa as well as the other requirements which are listed further below as being the standard for the marriage visa application form.

Convert Thai tourist visa to Thai marriage visa

Convert Thai tourist visa to Thai marriage visa

You have to leave all the documents and then return 2 weeks later. When you return to collect your passport there will be a 90 day marriage visa in your passport. You now have 60 days to apply for an extension of the visa for 12 months. Most times it is best to start the process there right after the conversion process.

 You need to provide all the documents needed for a Thai marriage visa such as:

Convert Tourist visa to Marriage visa documents

– Copy of Thai bank book to who 400,000THB in a Thai bank account or

– Letter from your embassy showing an income of 40,000THB per month

– Copy of your passport visa page, TM page, conversion page and front face page

– Copy of a map to your home in Thailand

– Copy of your Thai wife’s Tabian Baan (House Papers)

– Copy of your marriage certificate (Fancy and 2 page version)

– Copy of photos showing you and your Thai wife together

– Copy of birth certificates of any children you have together in Thailand

– Copy of adoption papers if you and your wife adopted a child in Thailand

– Copy of a lease agreement for where you live


This second stage process takes about 4 weeks to complete and would be the standard visa procedure for the marriage visa extension in Thailand. Always ensure that you have all the documents needed and also the photos for the application forms. Also ensure that the copies you provide of documents are recent. If you have any question about the procedure then speak to us online or call us toll-free from Australia, UK or the USA. You can also walk into our offices in Thailand in either Phuket or Bangkok for a more confidential discussion. Call us today for more information and assistance. So can see that it is possible to convert a Thai tourist visa to a Thai marriage visa.


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Converting a Thai Tourist visa to a Marriage visa FAQ

How long to convert a tourist to a Thai marriage visa?

It is always best to try and start 30 day before the Thai tourist visa expires.. You can cut it to as close as 15 days before the visa expires. This will ensure that you do not overstay your current visa. Always ask them to confirm as it is normally 2 weeks to complete.

To convert your Thai tourist visa to a Thai marriage visa requires at least 15 days before it expires. You will need to provide proof of funds showing 400,000 THB in a Thai bank account, Thai marriage certificate, Tabian Baan and her Thai ID card to complete the conversion.

You will need all the documents that you would normally need at the Embassy. Passport, Bank book showing 400,000 THB, Tabian Baan and Thai Id card of your Thai wife. Now including your application form and passport. This takes 2 weeks to complete.