The Guardian visa is for the parent of Thai child or the parent/s or legal guardian of a foreign child who is studying in Thailand. Minor child in Thai law is one who is 20 years old and below.

Guardian Visa

Validity of the Visa

In the case of a foreigner parent supporting his/her Thai child, the visa is valid for a year but can be renewed after the visa’s expiration.

For the parent accompanying her minor child who is studying in Thailand. His/her Guardian visa will depend on the validity of her child’s student visa or duration of the child’s studies.

The Guardian visa can be applied for at the visa applicant’s home country at the Thai embassy. This or consulate there or it can also be arranged at the Thai Immigration Office inside the Kingdom.

What are the requirements?

The applicant has to be established the following:

Birth certificate of the child as a proof of relationship to the child.

Admission Letter and Enrollment Form as proof of the child’s enrolment in a school in Thailand

Deposit of THB 500,000 in a Thai bank account so you would have to set up your Thai bank account.

Visa application process

An initial visa can be obtained from the applicant’s home country from the Thai embassy. This visa is usually valid for 90 days. This can be done simultaneously when the child studying in Thailand applies for his/her pre-student visa.

Along with the student visa of the child, the initial visa can be extended into a Guardian visa 21 days before its expiration and once all the requirements have been met. This is done at the Thai Immigration office.

See also: The re-entry permit you will need on an extended visa. There is also the issue of overstay in Thailand and being blacklisted in Thailand. There is also the guardian visa for Thailand outside of your Thai dependency visa as you see here. See also setting in Thailand.

90-Day notice or report

Guardian visa just like long term visas in Thailand are subject to 90-day report. This means holders of Guardian visas should report their residence address to the Immigration Office every 90 days. Failure to follow this rule results in a fine of 2,000 Baht. The 90-day report can be done by post 7 days before the due date or in person 7 days before or after the due date. If you are not in Thailand, however, when your 90-day report is due, you are not obliged to report your address.


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