US Visa Interview

US Visa Interview

The US Visa interview is part of the process when applying for a US visa. See the K3 visa interview questions and more. When you have applied for a US visa you need to attend an Embassy interview in Bangkok. If you are thinking of using a US tourist visa for a Thai girlfriend other than for tourism. That is a bad idea. You can also look at the K-3 visa requirements if you are married or consider a K1 visa from Thailand.

K3 visa interview questions

You have to bring with documents to the interview which would be requested beforehand and which your lawyer in Thailand will have prepared for you. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that the relationship exists and is real. These are the basic sample questions at the interview which they may ask which has been listed below.

Q: Why are you going to the US?

If this is for a tourist visa they will want to know that you will not overstay your visa while in the US. If it is for a fiancée visa or spouse visa they will ensure that you know what has been applied for and that there is no fraud. This is all part of the US Visa interview process.

Q: Where will you stay in the US?

If this is for a tourist visa they want to ensure that you have a place to stay beforehand. Also that you do not have any other intentions like getting married without the appropriate visa. If it is for a K1 Visa for a K3 visa then they want to see how much you know about your fiancée or spouse. It’s a good indication of the relationship during the US Visa interview questions.

IR1 visa interview questions

The interview questions for the IR1 visa would be the same as the K3 visa. They will want to know how much you know about each others family members. These include knowing your brothers or sisters names and occupations. When you are moving to the US and where you are going to live. Your husbands new occupation as well as smaller issues such as your birthday as well as tour anniversary day. 

As an IR1 visa applicant you will need to know more than the average K1 visa applicant. The IR1 visa questions and the K3 visa questions are similar. As for Thai names the nicknames of family members are more than acceptable. They are going to check if the relationship is valid or not. Also if you are able to take care of yourselves when back in the US. The reasons for K1 visa denial is explained and common but rare with a family visa application. 

K2 visa interview questions

If the child is under the age of 14 then someone has to go to the US Embassy with the child. Those over the age of 14 will normally be asked questions about the family itself. Note that many expats tend to adopt the Thai child of their wife if it is not their own. Many times the child will have limited English skills or knowledge. They do take this into account during the interview. Where you foinf to live in the US as well as the name of their father or  the siblings of their father as in uncles and aunts. 

CR1 visa interview questions

The CR1 visa interview question are very similar to the K3 visa interview questions as well as the IR1 visa interview questions. Occupation of the other spouse as well as family names, nicknames in Thailand are common. Where you will live in the US and establish if you can look after yourselves when back in the US. 


Family Visa


Q: What does your son/daughter-in-law do?

They would ask for a fiancé/spouse visa to see how much you know about your in-laws. Again it shows that the relationship is real and that there is no fraud. See also the American visa Thailand for more information. 

Q: Where did you meet?

This is a good question as it will tell them what you did before. If you told them we met at a restaurant where I was working and your employment shows employment at a restaurant then it’s a good indication of a valid relationship and good employment. If for example, you mentioned the word ‘bar’ then it raises many issues. Not only about the relationship but also about your character as the Embassy has become very strict. See also the reasons for K1 visa denial

The questions are basic however they also want to ensure that you have not committed fraud, that the relationship is valid, and also that you meet what the US government would consider being of ‘good character’. US visa applications can be very difficult so it is best to ensure that all the documents you have submitted is correct as your answers. For a tourist visa, they would ask questions such as:

Q: Who will take care of your property while away?

Now if you said you are giving it away or selling it that would indicate that you are not going to return to Thailand. That is the purpose of the questions for a tourist visa – ensuring your return to Thailand once your holiday is done.

If you have any questions about a US tourist visa, US Fiancée visa, or a US Spouse visa then call us toll-free from the US or walk into any of our offices in Thailand for further information and assistance as well as with your US Visa interview. See also the US visa requirements if you have not read it as yet. 

US Interview FAQ


This is going to depend on what type of visa you are apply for. For a tourist visa they would want to know what you are going to see on your tourist visa. Whereas for a fiancee visa they will want to know where you met or what your fiancee does for a living.


Try and keep things formal. Wear a skirt and proper formal shoes. Don’t wear a jeans or tight fitting outfits. Think of it as an employment interview when you consider the dress code. Keep it simple and put your best foot forward.


In short take all your documents with including all the receipts where you paid the US government fees for the application. Your current passport (which is best to have a long expiration date) as well as your photos.They may allow your attorney with you if your English is not very good.


What you should and should not do at a US visa interview in Thailand is simple. Pay careful attention to the questions as they are going to see if you are telling the truth. They will also check to see if your documents are correct. Do not tell them your sad life story or ramble along.


The US visa interview in Thailand takes anywhere form 2-3 hours to complete. You may need to bring with all your documents if there are questions asked. This is mainly for your US fiancee and US spouse visa from Thailand. This is the final step when obtaining your visa.