US Tourist Visa

This is the US tourist visa from Thailand. The US visa for your Thai wife is not a spouse visa. If you are visiting the US for a holiday then this is the visa that you will need. The B1 Tourist visa is to be applied for in Bangkok if you are going to the US to attend a meeting or to conduct business with a US firm or a business partner in the United States. The B2 tourist visa however is what you need if your only purpose for visiting the US is for a holiday or visiting friends. The B2 US Visa is the most common visa issued compared to the B1 visa.

The National Visa Center (NVC) is like a caretaker for immigrant visa applications. After these applications get a thumbs up from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), they’re sent to the NVC. Now, how long it takes for the NVC to process these applications can change. It depends on what type of visa it is and how many applications the NVC has to deal with at that time.

Right now December 2023, the NVC is working on cases that the USCIS sent over on September 26, 2023. It usually takes about 17 days for the NVC to put together a case file. After that, reviewing the case takes a bit longer – around 2 months and 30 days.

Note that you can expect a response within 5 days if you have questions in this regard. Remember also that the processing times can change and might vary depending on your case’s complexity. If you need more help, you can contact NVC through their public inquiry form. Now, let’s discuss the difference between immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

US Tourist Visa

tourist visa

Immigrant Visa:

Immigrant visas are for people who want to live permanently in another country and possibly become citizens there. In the U.S., this visa is often called a Green Card, allowing the holder to live permanently, similar to a citizen. However, they might not have all the rights, like voting, until they become citizens themselves.

Non-immigrant Visa:

Non-immigrant visas are for individuals planning to stay in another country temporarily. They may not aim to become permanent residents. These visas are used for short or long-term visits, work permits, or specific purposes like tourism, business, or education. Non-immigrant visas have a validity period and limits on how long you can stay.

The US tourist visa application can be very difficult to obtain. It requires many supporting documents in order to be granted a US visa. There is also a very difficult interview with the visa officer in Bangkok who will investigate your claims. Also, check to ensure that you are a legitimate tourist.  If they are satisfied then the visa application will be approved. Otherwise failing it will be added to the many US Visa denials in Thailand that you have read of on the internet.

Now in order for you to be granted a US visa in Thailand, you need to establish and be able to show strong economic and social ties to Thailand so they know that you will return. These economic ties can be in the form of employment or having a business in Thailand. You could also show land title deeds or savings in your bank account. all of these should be well documented for the visa application. As stated above if it is your fiancee then apply for a K1 visa from Thailand or a K3 spouse visa if it is for your Thai wife. USCIS is very strict in this regard.

In case you are traveling to the US through a friend’s or relative’s invitation and sponsorship. The inviting US party needs to complete an affidavit of support form. This stating his desire to accommodate and handle all incidental expenses once you are in the US.

US Visa Requirements

The most common reasons for travel under a tourist visa can be used for:

Conducting business in the US such as attending business meetings;

These are short meetings where people need to meet face to face. Many who buy property in the US also use the tourist visa for this purpose. They use the visa to inspect property and to sign contracts and agreements. Many also use this to meet suppliers and buyers to sign documents and to have meetings in this regard. Speak to a Thai immigration lawyer for more advice.

To attend a conference in connection with your employment;

If you are visiting the US as the secretary or PA of your employer or where you need to attend a meeting in the US in this regard. Many also use this to attend to IT conferences and other trade conferences in the US. This is well suited to the US tourist visa.

Tourist activities;

Many also visit the US for tourism. You will need to show the Embassy your itinerary as to where you are going and what you are going to see. Also show where you are going to be staying such as your hotel booking. Most Thai people tend to take packaged tours, so include this confirmed package when you apply. 

Visiting family who live in the US;

There are many Thai nationals in the US. You can use the visa to visit them in the US. You will need to show proof as to who you are visiting and where they live. Speak to us online about the proof needed as well as the their location. 

Obtaining medical treatment;

There are a number people who visit the US for a medical diagnoses. You will need to speak to us about this and how best to visit the US for this purpose. 

These are the most common activities for Thai people who visit the US. There is a large population of Thai’s who live in the US and these family visits are very common. There is also tourist activities and you will need to show your itinerary for your US tourist visa from Thailand. 

What documents are needed for the US tourist visa when you apply for this from Bangkok. You will need the following documents to obtain the visa. Speak to us online for more advice and guidance.

Your Thai passport which is valid for six months past the date of return;

Ensure that your Thai passport is valid and that it will not expire at least 6 months after you will be returning from the US. Check the passport expiration date on your passport. 

Also a recent digital photograph, which meets US requirements;

Most photoshops in Thailand will know the requirements for the US visa. This as there are many sizes from different countries. You will need to tell them that it is for a US visa application. They will know the proper size for the photos.

Any documents from your past five previous trips to the US; 

If you have visited the US before then you can show them these so they know that you will return. Again speak to us online for more advice on the process when apply for the US tourist visa from Thailand. 

You will need to show your itinerary of the trip to the US;

If it is a packaged tourist tour the you will need to show this as well that it has been paid for and confirmed. If you are going to visit family then the Embassy would need to know who they are and where they are located. You are going to need proof of this as well. 

As proof of funds you will also need to show your funds for the trip

You will need to update your Thai bank book as proof of funds.

Also show your employment status;

You can obtain a letter from your employer in Thailand which states how long you have worked there and you current position. This is to show that you will return to Thailand when your visit to the US is complete. The US visitor visa is difficult to obtain the first time. 

You will also show proof of ties to Thailand (property ownership etc)

You can also show your property ownership as proof that you will return to Thailand. There are other options as well such as care ownership as well as employment and your current bank balance. 

These are the basics of the US tourist visa which you can apply for from Thailand. The visa interview as well as proof will need to be shown in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Speak to us online if you have other questions which are not answered here.

US Tourist Visa Package

tourist visa

– Comprehensive review of your circumstances

– Confirmation on the type of tourist visa

– Complete checklist of documents that you needed 

– Professional preparation of your visa application

– Submission of your application to the US embassy

– Interview training

– Constant update about your application

Our firm has a team of US visa experts who can guide and walk you through the US visa application process. Please contact us today for a free consultation. Note again the the The US visa for your Thai wife is not a spouse visa and US immigration will not allow this. See also the visa interview as well as other options at US visa in Thailand.


How Do I Get a Thai Visa for My Girlfriend?

Your Thai girlfriend can apply for a US tourist visa to visit you in America. It’s important to note that this cannot be used as a US fiancée visa, as attempting to do so may be seen as immigration fraud. She can apply online for a US tourist visa from Thailand, with the application fee typically around $190.

How Much Is a Visa from Thailand to the USA?

The cost of a non-immigrant US visa, such as a tourist, business, student, or exchange visa, is usually around $190. However, it’s recommended to check with the US Embassy in Bangkok or Chiang Mai for the most current fees.

How Long Is a US Tourist Visa Valid For?

The validity period of a US tourist visa from Thailand can vary. Most applications in Thailand are typically for a single visit, which allows entry for one month. It’s crucial to check the specific validity period mentioned on the visa once it’s issued.

How Can I Get a Tourist Visa to the USA?

To obtain a US tourist visa, you need to complete the DS-160 form online and pay the visa fee. Afterward, you’ll need to schedule an interview online. During the interview, you may be required to provide proof of employment. Make sure to follow the outlined steps carefully to ensure a smooth application process.