K1 Visa in Thailand

This is the K1 Visa in Thailand is a US fiancee visa for your Thai girlfriend or Thailand fiance visa. The Thailand fiancé visa for your Thai girlfriend is explained below. If you are taking your Thai fiancée back to the US then you need to apply for a US fiancée visa in Thailand. The process takes approximately 9 months once the I-129F application has been filed with the USCIS in the US up to the final interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok. The timeline for the K1 visa in Thailand greatly depends on the caseload at the US Embassy and also at the USCIS. This is a US visa for your Thai girlfriend.

K1 Visa in Thailand

Depending on where in the US you live the I-129F application is submitted to the USCIS service center in the region where you reside in the US. You can either fall under the Vermont Service Center or the California service center. The immigration lawyer in Thailand will know where this needs to be submitted for your application. Also, ensure that you meet the income requirement for a K1 visa of the visa. The fiance visa for Thailand is explained further. 

K1 Visa in Thailand

K1 Visa Requirements

As the sponsor, you will need to meet or exceed the financial requirements for the visa. This will depend on your State as the levels of poverty are different. If you are active US forces then you will have a lower income requirement for the visa. You will have met your fiancee in person at least once in the last 2 years and you will also need to be able to show that you have a valid relationship. This includes emails, photos, and other proof that you might have.

K1 Visa Eligibility

If you are dating then that is fine as many start their fiancé visa application before they are engaged to get married. Always consider your K1-visa early as it does take a while to complete the process. There is also a 21-month timeline which the US government requirement when you file for your K1 application. It states that you must have met at least once within 2 years of you meeting face to face.  You will note the income requirement for the K1 visa from Thailand.

K1 Visa Applicant (Her)

Is single or free to marry

Your Thai girlfriend will need to be single and be able to prove this. The Thai government does have a “Celibacy Certificate” which will state that she is unmarried. This will need to be translated and certified. If she is divorced then she will need a copy of her divorce decree which has also bee translated and certified. This process normally starts at the District Office or Amphurs Office where she lives.

In good health

She will need to complete the medical examination which would include an X-Ray to check for TB as well as a check on her vaccinations. She might have to obtain this where she grew up when she had it as a child. They will also check for other illnesses that she might have that she would not be permitted to have in the US. 

Met your Thai fiancee min. once in the last 2 years

This is important and will make up the largest part of your application. You will need to show letters, emails and telephone calls. Chat messages and photos of the two of you together. This must have occurred at least once in two years. 

Show existing and genuine relationship

Much like meeting your fiancee, you will need to show that you are a couple. This includes emails, photos and all other material you have to show that you are an actual couple. It is very important to show a bonafides relationship. 

No Criminal record

She will also need to obtain a criminal record certificate. This takes about 3 weeks to obtain and you will need a proper visa letter to obtain the certificate. 

See K2 Visa for minor children

K1 Visa Petitioner (You)

American who is single + free to marry

You will need to be single when you get married. If you are divorced then ensure that you have a original of your divorce decree. 

No Criminal record incl. domestic abuse

You should not have a criminal record when you are petitioning for a K1 visa. This is a major issue and you should not have been arrested. This for harm to a child, assault, kidnapping or domestic abuse. If a criminal conviction is an issue then you are not going to do well with your visa application for your Thai girlfriend or fiancee.

Is financially established

You will need to be well established in that you will need to pass the poverty guidelines for your State. You would be looking at an income of at least USD 20,000/annum. Note that there is a special poverty rate for active duty soldiers. 

Show existing and genuine relationship

Much like your Thai girlfriend you will also need to help collect all your photos, emails and chat messages to prove that you are a bonafides couple. The US Embassy and Homeland Security are very careful when it comes to marriage or immigration scams. Ensure that you have loads of photos, dates and other interactions. This usually makes for a very big file with all the dated emails.

Met fiancé min. once in the last 2 years

You must have met your fiancee or Thai girlfriend at least once in a two year period. Usually in Thailand this is not an issue as many Americans visit Thailand more than once each year. 


NOTE: You need to ensure that you meet the US visa financial requirements of the K1 Visa from Thailand. There is a breakdown of the financial requirements on this website. If you need more information or are unsure then speak to us online or send us an email for assistance in this regard. This Thailand fiance visa is the most common US visa for your Thai girlfriend.

K1 Visa Package

Our Fiancee Visa Package

– Consultation

– Comprehensive list on the required documents

– Assistance with collecting the required documents

– Preparation of the USCIS petition

– Filing the petition with the USCIS

– Preparation of the application for the US embassy

– Assistance with medical check up

– Assistance with Police report

– Interview preparation

– Submission of the application to the US embassy

– Constant update about the application

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If you have more questions about your US visa application then speak to us today online or in person at our offices in Bangkok or Phuket or call us toll-free on our US telephone number. The US visa for your Thai girlfriend can be applied for from Thailand. Again the US fiancé visa for your Thai girlfriend can be obtained in Thailand.


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K1 Visa FAQ


In Thailand and depending on which service center of the USCIS is handling the application. The Thailand fiance visa processing times for Thailand is about 7 months on average. There may also be delays where there are errors or omissions on your documents. Always ensure that you have all the documents correct and on time.


The financial requirements for the Thailand fiance visa is explained by the poverty line for each State in the US. This is 125% of the poverty line. If you are active armed forces then you only require to meet 100% of the poverty line. The equity in your property can also be used.


The US fiancee visa is much faster as fewer documents would be required. The US K3 visa for marriage visa takes longer than this and the CR1 or IR1 visa takes the longest. The marriage visas however such as the IR1 visa allows for your Thai wife to find work much faster.


The only way to expedite a K1 visa in Thailand or Thailand fiance visa is to ensure that there are no errors. Keep your documents accurate and neat as a RFE (Request for Evidence) request will delay your US fiancee visa application. A US visa denial can also be avoided if you application is done correctly.