K3 Visa in Thailand

This is the K3 Visa in Thailand or K3 spouse visa. The US spouse visa meeting the K-3 visa requirements for your Thai wife is if you are married to a Thai national. You are now wanting to take your Thai wife back to the US. You will then need to file for a US spouse visa in Thailand. The K3 spouse visa is explained further.

There are a number of options such as the K3 visa but there is also a CR1 Visa and an IR1 visa. Speak to our immigration lawyers in Bangkok about your options while in Thailand and also the US visa financial requirements. This is a US visa for your Thai wife. How long to get a K3 visa and what is the K-3 visa requirements? See below for more details. 

K3 Visa in Thailand

The visa process timeline will vary depending on which visa you are applying for. The K3 visa takes about 10 months which a CR1 visa could take 12 months or more however each has its own benefits. If you are not married as yet then consider the fiance visa Thailand. If you have more questions about your US visa application then speak to us today online or in person at our offices in Bangkok or call us toll-free on our US telephone number. See also the American visa from Thailand for information. See also the difference between K3 and CR1 visa on this website. The K3 spouse visa process is further explained.

K3 Visa in Thailand

K-3 visa requirements

The K3 visa requirements have been added below.  You will note that most of the documents will come from her. This being the medical check which includes vaccinations, police criminal check and gathering the documents for the child if she has one. As for you the petitioner, you will need to ensure that there is accomodation in the US, that you can meet the financial requirements and that you dont have a criminal record. How long to get K3 visa will depend on a number of factors. 

Applicant Requirements (Her)


SeeMarriage Registration. You will need to ensure that when you apply for the K3 spouse visa that you have your Thai marriage certificate translated and certified. The traditional Thai wedding is not legal binding for the purposes of the visa application. You can see more on marriage registration elsewhere on this website.

In good health

Your Thai wife will need to have a medical check. This includes an X-Ray to check for TB as well as to check her vaccination history. The medical check will also look for other illnesses that could deny her her visa. The medical records are sealed at the  hospital and only opened by the Embassy. You should not open it.

Able to show genuine relationship

Showing that you have a bonafide relationship makes up most of the documents. You will need to show them photos, emails or chat conversations. This is all in an effort to ensure that you are a genuine couple and intend to stay together when she enters the US. 

No Criminal record

There is also a criminal record check. She will need to have her fingerprints taken for the police clearance certificate. This in itself usually takes a few weeks to obtain and all part of the US visa application process. 

K4 visa for minor children.

Note the article on the K4 visa application for the minor child(ren)

Sponsor Requirements (You)

An American citizen

You will need to be an American citizen when you start the process of the K3 visa to take your Thai wife home. Most who do apply in Thailand tend to be US nationals. 

Legally married to foreign spouse

This is the same document that your wife will need to show, so you only need to do this process once. You will see on the opposite side that the marriage certificate which has been translated and certified is needed.

No Criminal / domestic abuse

If you have a criminal record then you could very well have a problem. Those who have been convicted of spousal abuse, assault or other violent crimes cannot use the marriage visa for the US. Speak to us online if you are not certain.

Stable finances See: Requirements

This is very important as it is not required by your Thai wife. You will need to ensure that you meet the minimum standard to sponsor this visa. Each State has a different level for their poverty line. If you are active US military then the standard has been lowered for you. There are other means to make up the shortfall legally if you have one.

Able to show genuine relationship

Much like your Thai wife, this makes up the bulk of your visa application folder. You will need to ensure that you have all your photos, letters, emails and chats.

NOTE: You will need to ensure that you can meet the financial requirements of the K3 Visa. There is a breakdown of the financial requirements for the K3 visa on this website. If you need more information or are unsure then speak to us online or send us an email for assistance in this regard.

K3 Visa Process

Visa Process

Filing of the USCIS petition – The American spouse should file a petition to the USCIS stating his desire to bring his spouse to the US. The USCIS usually takes a few months to process the petition. If the petition is approved, the petitioner is notified along with the National Visa Center who in turn notifies the US embassy in Bangkok.

Interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok – The US embassy in Bangkok will be contacting the foreign spouse to advise her about the documents expected from her, submission of these documents, and interview with the visa officer at the embassy. Upon the successful submission of the required documents and the interview, the visa is granted on the same day, or if not the applicant will be asked to come back the next day to pick up her visa.

If you want to take your Thai wife back to the US in the fastest time possible then the K3 visa is your best option however if you are in no hurry and want to have less paperwork filed in the US then the CR1 and IR1 visa is much better as it only takes about 2 months longer than the K3 visa application. Note that the process for the K3 and CR1 visas is very similar and the procedures are also similar to the K1 visa in Thailand as explained elsewhere on this website. See that the K-3 visa requirements are met or there will be a visa denial

US Visa from Thailand

This visa takes much longer to obtain than the K3 visa or the CR1 Visa. It is very similar to the CR1 visa from Thailand, however you have to have been married for 2 years or longer when you applied for the visa. If you have been married to a Thai national for 2 years or longer then the IR1 visa is a much better visa to obtain as it is not conditional like the CR1 visa. With this visa your Thai wife will also receive a Green card however she can work on arrival.

CR1 Visa

This US Spouse visa allows your Thai wife conditional residence as soon as she arrives in the US with her Green Card arriving in the mail within 3 months of entering the US. The condition is that you have to remain married for 2 years while in the US. You can then apply for the conditional status to be removed. You can also see the CR1 visa from Thailand on this website. See also the full article on the IR1 visa from Thailand that might interest you on this website.

IR1 Visa

Spouse Visa Options

If you want to take your Thai wife back to the US in the fastest time possible then the K3 visa is your best option however if you are in no hurry and want to have less paperwork filed in the US then the CR1 and IR1 visa is much better as it only takes about 2 months longer than the K3 visa application. having met the K-3 visa requirements as stated. Note that the process for the K3 and CR1 visas is very similar and the procedures are also similar to the K1 visa in Thailand as explained elsewhere on this website.

The K3 visa in Thailand as well as the CR1 visa and IR1 visa starts much like the K1 visa with an application filed with the USCIS in the US. You also receive your Notice of Action 1 as a receipt. Once this is complete it is sent to the National Visa Center and they send you another notice being the Notice of Action 2 notice.

The CR1 visa and the IR1 visa takes much longer at this point as more checks are done than with the K3 visa. The NVC holds onto the application for an additional 2-3 months before it is sent to the US Embassy in Thailand for your visa interview.

marriage registration thailand

US Visa Package

– Consultation

– Comprehensive checklist on the documents

– Assistance with collecting the documents

– Preparation of the USCIS petition

– Filing the petition with the USCIS

– Preparation of application for the US embassy

– Assistance with medical check up

– Assistance with Police report

– Interview training

– Submission of application to the US Embassy

– Update about the application and results

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NOTE: The K4 Visa is the visa for the minor child/children of the K3 visa applicant. This visa allows the child to travel with his/her parent to the US should the visa be granted. The K4 Visa application should be applied for simultaneous with the K3 Visa application.

Always take advice when it comes to the options available for the US visa for your Thai wife. Always take proper legal advice about the K3 Visa from Thailand. Also ensure the K-3 visa requirements. See also the K2 visa process as well as the fiance visa Thailand

K3 Visa FAQ

How Do I Bring My Spouse to the US?

Yes, you can bring your spouse to the US. You’ll need to initiate the K3 visa process in Thailand and provide all the necessary documents while meeting the financial requirements. The processing time in Thailand typically ranges between 6 to 9 months. Alternatively, you can explore the CR1 visa and IR1 visa options, which are explained in the K3 spouse visa requirements. See also the I-129F petition to understand where it begins. 


Is K1 or K3 Visa Better from Thailand?

The K1 visa from Thailand is generally faster and more cost-effective than the other options. Many Thai women engaged to Americans prefer the K1 visa due to its speed and lower costs. Most don’t need to work immediately upon arrival in the US, allowing them to focus on starting their new life. However, the K3 spouse visa does have its advantages.


How Long Is a K3 Visa Good For?

A K3 visa from Thailand is valid for two years. Additionally, your Thai spouse can apply for employment authorization using Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization. If the ability to work is a crucial factor for you, it’s worth considering other options such as the IR1 visa, which may better suit your needs. Make sure to compare these options before making a decision