Thailand’s rare decline in Tourism

We never thought that we would see Thailand’s rare decline in tourism this year. In recent survey, as most Chinese nationals stayed away. Thailand suffered a plunge in the arrivals of tourists last year. This making the country’s economic outlook a little foggy. This decline is a risk for the growth of the country as the Chinese are the source of foreign receipts in tourism. Which is estimated to be one-fifth of Thailand’s economy.

In a past sad event in Phuket, a tour boat accident left dozens of Chinese tourists dead and has affected the increase of visitors after citing safety concerns which continues to damage Thailand’s image. The strength of the baht and the slowing down of the Chinese economy has been blamed despite the worsening tension in trade with the United States.

Thailand’s rare decline in Tourism

Thailand’s military government is looking for ways to entice tourists such as declaring a temporary visa-free entry for a wider range of foreign nationalities. Overall arrivals are expected to reach 40 million this year – from 38 million last year.

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The National Economic and Social Development Board expect the Thai government to do everything in order to win back majority Chinese tourists, after the report of having the weakest Thai economic growth since 2016. Many other nationalities have come to visit Thailand for tourism, however, every year it varies. However, Thailand’s Tourism sector has a history of bouncing back from every setback. 2020 with Covid 19 might be another issue.

Negative Effects of Tourism in Thailand

  • –          More space is needed to construct hotels, restaurants and other shops;
  • –          The environment is limited and affected to make way for developments;
  • –          Local resources are extended to be able to provide food and transport for tourists;
  • –          The amount of trash is growing, as well as noise and air pollution;
  • –          As tourism has increased, some wildlife species have quickly decreased;

Positive Effects of Tourism in Thailand

  • –          Tourists from around the world bring money into the Kingdom;
  • –          Money from tourists are spent on improving the quality of transportation in Thailand;
  • –          It provides jobs for locals and also helps promote Thai culture to other countries;
  • –          It provides funds for organizations that helps protect the environment;

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