Vaping is illegal in Thailand

Vaping is illegal in Thailand so read more about Thai vape. The Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center has been assigned by the government to conduct research. This to analyze the legal struggles which would affect the implementation of the E-cigarette ban in Thailand. Recent surveys have shown that Thailand is considered the worst country in the world to be using an e-cigarette. In Thailand, a ban has been implemented on the import, export, sale, and possession of vaping products since 2014. You can see the entertainment law in Thailand.

Anybody caught would have their items confiscated and fined. There is also the option to be sent to prison for up to 10 years if found guilty. Thai Police often search vehicles for e-cigarettes in roadblocks and use them to extract fines. A consumer group running in the country, stated that “Thailand’s policies on e-cigarettes are not just sad for Thai smokers planning to quit. But also to the millions of tourists and business people who gradually vape.

Vaping is illegal in Thailand

Thai vape is illegal. This same consumer group, together with the local tourism authority, has argued that making e-cigarettes legal is very beneficial to the country in various ways. In response to the complaints and various suggestions, the Director-General of the Excise Department issued a statement that the Commerce Ministry had enforced such a ban on e-cigarettes because of health concerns being raised by the Ministry of Public Health. Eventually, things are turning out great as the Commerce Ministry has assigned the Tobacco Control Research Knowledge Management Center (TRC) to conduct research in response to the issues.

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The Deputy Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade issued a statement that the panel was already set up late last year. This to mediate the different opinions from both sides of the debate regarding the ban. Also, how it should be implemented. He explained that while the law bans the import and sale of such devices. That there is no known specific prohibition against vaping in Thailand which confuses law enforcers.

The research is expected to run for approximately months. In this time which the panel would be the one authorized to decide on a plan of action. The final result of which will lead to implementing proper measures, regardless if the ban was to continue or new regulations would be implemented to require licenses and registrations. Don’t forget that vaping in Thailand is illegal. See other licenses in Thailand such as the entertainment license.

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