Medical Exams and Interviews

Medical exams and interviews are part of the US visa process. Everyone applying for a K visa is required to complete a medical examination. The US Embassy in Bangkok will assign approved location in Bangkok and Chiang Mai where you can get the medical checks. Also, applicants are required to have additional vaccines prior to leaving for the United States.

Medical Exams and Interviews

Once you have completed the medical examination, an interview will be done at the US Embassy in Bangkok. The embassy will inform you of your interview schedule. Also who are required to show up with you as your Thai fiancée would be answering most of the questions.

After a successful K visa interview, your visa should be ready for pick up at the embassy in 5-7 business days. US K-2 visa holders are given one year in which they have to enter the United States from the day the US K-1 visa was issued to their parents. The children are not allowed to enter the United States before the US K-1 visa holder parent,. However are allowed to travel together with their parent and enter the country together.

See also: The K2 visa as well as the K4 visa and the adjustment of status. The IR1 visa is also listed with the CR1 visa as well as the US medical exams. 


US Visa

K2 Visa

If the thai mother of the child has now applied for the US K1 Visa or the K2 Visa should be applied for by the children. Always take advice with this step.

K4 Visa

The K4 Visa allows the child of your Thai wife and  you, a US national to come with their parents to the United States. Then apply for the K4 visa.

The US K-2 visa holder is given 90 days from his or her entry in the United States to apply for a green card. This as well as the adjustment of their immigration status to permanent resident. In order to initiate this process. The American step-parent should file the I-485 on the child’s behalf. Note that all of these are also part of the medical exams and interviews process in Thailand.

Benefits of the US K2 Visa

– The child applicant is not required to file another I-129F application form

– Once the Thai fiancée is granted the US K-1 visa, the child will also be granted a US K-2 visa

– The child can stay in the US with his or her parents while waiting for them to get married

– Also the child holding a US K2 visa is allowed to pursue education in the United States, and is

– The child is also eligible to file an application for Employment Authorization I-765 

– This type of visa is cheaper and quicker to obtain compared to the I-130 petition of Alien Relative

Always take proper legal advice when you are applying for a US visa in Thailand.

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