Same-sex unions in Thailand

Same-sex unions in Thailand

Same-sex unions in Thailand

This is about same-sex unions in Thailand.There has a been a recent bill permitted by the cabinet on allowing partnership registration of same-sex couples with legal revisions with most likely same rights as married couples (See marriage registration in Thailand) for more information. The said bill will be for voting in the House and goes to the floor for a debate.

Same-sex unions in Thailand is still not possible. The new Civil Partnership Bill and the amendments to the Civil and Commercial Code would give equality for people of all genders, Deputy Government spokeswoman, Ratchada, Dhnadirek said. The bill state civil partners as of same-sex couples. Also the registration of partnership is available to those who are consented same-sex couples who are at least 17 years of age and one must be of Thai nationality. For those minors who wish to seek partnership, a parental consent, guardian’s consent or court consent must be provided. (See: the Definition of Marriage in Thai Law)

Same-sex union bill covers

The bill includes same-sex marriage in Thailand registration as well as termination of partnerships. Their rights and obligations as a couple, management of properties, as well as inheritance. It also include adoption of children. However, the rights and benefits for same-sex couples does not grant all as of male-female couples. This includes spousal benefits and tax exemptions. The Justice Ministry will monitor the changes and legal amendments to make sure that it complies with those already enacted.

See the update on same-sex marriage in Thailand. After the bill was endorsed by the cabinet, there are also those who are not in favor of the partnership bill. This Civil Partnership Bill will be subject for approval and will be imposed once finalized. See the earlier Gay marriage in Thailand where it started and first spoken about.  Same-sex unions in Thailand is thus still not legal but getting there. See also getting married in Thailand for more. information.


This is family law in Thailand!

Many expats and foreigners in Thailand always seek the services of a family lawyer. Most litigation in Thailand where foreigners are concerned are for family law issues such as marriage registration to divorce proceedings in Thailand.  Property and commercial litigation is less common as many people do a due diligence report on any property which they buy in Thailand before they sign the agreements.

Moving to Thailand

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