Thailand Retirement Visa for UK citizens

The Thailand Retirement Visa for UK citizens is explained as below. Thailand has been receiving attention as Asia’s retirement destination. The cost of living is low, which can stretch your retirement savings further. Thailand has a rich culture, delicious food and friendly people. Many people have considered retiring in Thailand, as the costs are relatively minimal to have a comfortable life there. The estimated cost of living in Thailand is 40% cheaper compared to the United States.

Thailand Retirement Visa for UK citizens

If you wish to retire in Thailand, you will need a Thai retirement visa. It is possible to obtain this type of visa inside Thailand or at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country. The process in acquiring a retirement visa is simple, but can also be a long process depending on how you wish to spend your retirement.

To obtain a Thai Retirement Visa as a UK citizen, you should be at least 50 years old and be able to acquire a criminal background check from your home country. A valid passport is also needed with a validity of at least one year remaining. The only financial requirement as of this year would be to have a Thai bank account with at least 800,000 Thai Baht. You need to have that money in the Thai account for at least two months prior to applying for the visa.

The Thai retirement visa is valid for one year, and the visa holder is required to report to immigration every 90 days. If you fail to do the 90 day reporting, your visa may have the risk to become void. The retirement visa also does not allow the holder to work in the Kingdom; you need to have a valid visa specifically for that. Attempting to work or volunteer with only a retirement visa may also result to your visa being void.

Always take legal advice if you are a UK citizen who wants to retire in Thailand. As you know that UK citizens retirement can no longer get a retirement visa from the British Embassy in Bangkok. Always check that you have the correct information when it comes to the Thailand retirement visa for UK citizens.

The Thai retirement visa does not allow the holder to leave and re-enter the country without a re-entry permit. Once the visa is nearing expiration, you will be required to apply for a visa renewal. This process is similar to the initial application with a few additional requirements.

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