Tabien Baan

The Tabien Baan is not a proof of ownership of a property but only shows where you live. There are two types of Tabien Baan in Thailand, also called a “house book” or “house papers”. The Yellow Tabien Baan are for foreigners who live in Thailand and the Blue Tabien Baan are for Thai nationals. The book is there to show address registration and you may have a Tabien Baan registration as a Thai on another person’s book.

Tabien Baan

The book provides legal proof of your residency in Thailand. Every Thai person has one or are on another persons Tabien Baan. This can be used to open a bank account or for selling property together with your passport. Not many foreigners have a Tabien Baan as it is not required by law for a foreigner.

There are normally only two occasions that this can occur such as having a non-immigrant visa or when you have a permanent residence at their house or condo. Since it is not a requirement by law many do not bother to apply for one.


Blue Book or Yellow Book

You will start off with a Blue Book and then progress to a Yellow book on application. This can occur when you have a:

· Non-immigration visa

· Work permit

· Marriage certificate

· Apartment unit title deed (condo unit)

· Land related documents depicting the right to use it

· Building permit

It may be of use to a foreigner later when they wish to return to his country. If your name is in a Blue book with your wife, then it will provide proof of living together. This is mainly for the US visa such as a CR1 visa or for a partner visa for the UK for people who are not married but need to prove that they live together. Other than that the Tabien Baan is not going to be of much use to an expatriate or foreigner in Thailand. You can speak to an attorney about this when you are buying property or getting married.


What is the Tabien Baan?

The Tabian Baan is a concept much like the registration books used in other Asian countries. In China they use the Hukou system which much like Thailand is a registration document. The Chinese system is more elaborate as it is used for influx control into the major cities in China. The registration is used in part by the government for resource control as they know how many people live in a particular area.

See also: the notary public in Bangkok or a Bangkok notary service. Also the power of attorney in Thailand and the Tabian Baan. 

Even though Thailand uses this system mainly as proof of residence and also your voting district. It also becomes relevant for Thai males during the military draft as they look at how many volunteers are drafted from each district. Note that the Tabien Baan does not expire and it should not be confused with a Tabien Raat which is an affidavit stating the same thing. This affidavit does go stale.

Speak to our Thai law firm If you wish to be included on your wife’s Tabien Baan.


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