US K4 Visa in Thailand

The US K-4 Visa allows the children of a Thai spouse and a US citizen to come with their parents to the United States. This type of visa is only available to those Thai parents who have successfully applied for a US K-3 Visa or US Spouse Visa. The US K-4 Visa is valid for two years. See also the IR1 Visa for a Thai citizen in Thailand for more information on that option as well as the K2 Visa from Thailand.

US K-4 Visa in Thailand

Once the children are in the United States, they are allowed to apply for the permanent residency. Only the unmarried children of a K-3 Visa applicant who are under the age of 21 are entitled for a US K-4 Visa.

Applicants for this type of visa are allowed to pursue education in the United States and may also seek employment once they have applied for work authorization.  A US K4 Visa from Thailand is only available while your Thai spouse has a K3 Visa from Thailand, and once she becomes a permanent resident the children will then be disqualified to receive a US K4 Visa. Likewise see also the I-129F petition for other visas on here as well as the US Visa Thailand main page. 


Steps in applying for the US K-4 Visa in Thailand:

Filing the I-130s

  • The Form I-130s is a petition wherein a US national sponsors a foreigner for immigration purposes. US Immigration recommends that a separate I-130 is filled out by everyone applying for the K Visa at the same time, as to ensure that the whole family would be allowed to immigrate together. You must make sure that as long as you name your spouse’s children or dependent’s on the form, they are eligible and included to receive a US K-4 Visa once visa granted.

Gathering all the needed documents

  • After receiving the K Visa instruction packet from the US Embassy, you should start gathering the documents required, and also fill out the forms. It is advised that you gather the US K3 Visa documents for your Thai spouse and the documents for your children or stepchildren’s US K4 Visa at the same time.
  • Separate application forms are required for each of the applicants. Your Thai spouse is required to show documents stating that she has permanent custody of the minors applying for the US K4 Visa. For children 16 years and older, a police record certificate will be required.

Medical Exam and Interview

  • All applicants for a K Visa will be required to take a medical examination in specified authorized locations in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. After completing the medical examination, the applicant will be interviewed at the US Embassy in Bangkok. If the interview deems successful, the K visas will be available and sent to you within the next 5-7 days.

See also: The K2 visa as well as the K4 visa and the adjustment of status. The IR1 visa is also listed with the CR1 visa as well as the US medical exams

Always take proper legal advice when you are dealing with children across international borders. The US K-4 Visa in Thailand is for minor children of your Thai wife who has applied for a K-3 Visa while in Thailand. See the visa application process for the K4 visa as well as the K3 visa from Thailand

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