CR1 and IR1 US Spouse Visa

This is explain the difference with the CR1 and IR1 US spouse visa in Thailand. A CR1 visa is a conditional residence visa for your spouse. This is a petition submitted for a marriage that has not been in existence for longer than 2 years. The CR1 visa allows spouses to be joined together in the US.

Given 2 years probationary before a Permanent Residency is given to the beneficiary or applicant. An IR1 visa on the other hand is an immediate relative petition for those whose marriage is older than 2 years. This will be given a green card upon arrival in the US on application. Notice the difference between the CR1 visa and the IR1 visa.

CR1 and IR1 US Spouse Visa

The process for both the CR1 visa as well as the IR1 visa starts at the USCIS, wherein the I-130 petition form is submitted together with Sponsor’s and Beneficiary’s documents. This will be evaluated and if the petition is approved a notice will be sent to you.

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The entire process would takes about 10-12 months to be approved. This from the time the petition is submitted. Once the petition is approved, then a Notice of Action be sent by mail within 4-6 months. This will provide you with details about the petition approval and that it has been forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC) to be evaluated.

The waiting time is a bit of a struggle amongst all, and from the NVC, another Notice of Action which is called the NOA 2 will be sent to you to notify you that you should be preparing documents for the next stage of the process. At this stage a criminal check and financial evidence should be prepared as well as the DS-260 form be completed. Supporting documents is to be submitted to the US Embassy in Thailand. You may have the option to electronically send all these or mail it directly at the embassy.

Completed CR1 Visa IR1 visa

Once accepted, an appointment will be given to the applicant which would be the last stage of the process. Medical examination should be completed before the interview date and on the final day of visa interview, you will know if visa granted or not. Also note that perhaps additional requirements will be requested. Do you understand the CR1 and IR1 US spouse visa differences now?

Knowing which documents to prepare as well as how to manage and arrange the application would be a positive start in getting a successful visa application. It is also important that the sponsor provides all the required documents, meeting the financial requirements for the process.  It focuses not only with the sponsor but also with the applicant’s circumstances. See also the K3 visa from Thailand for another comparison.

This process requires a full attention to details, carefully looking into every item so that all information provided is genuine, exact and in accordance with all supporting documents. Misleading and giving false information would mean a visa refusal and even banned entry to the US. See also the getting married in Thailand article on here.

Moving to the United States

If you are living in Thailand and want ot take your Thai wife back to the United States. Then you will need to have all the needed documents. This may include a Petition for Alien Relative as well as the Affidavit of Support and the Declaration of Financial Support as well. Speak to our immigration lawyers about your Thai wife leaving for the US today.

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