Refusal of a UK Tourist Visa in Thailand

Have you had a refusal of a UK tourist visa in Thailand? One should be aware of the reasons why a UK Tourist Visa in Thailand is usually refused to ensure that you will be showing enough proof and required documents during the visa application. Missing documents is usually one of the many reasons for a denied UK Tourist visa application, because the UKBA (UK Border Authority) expects you to submit copies of all the required documents needed for the visa application.

Refusal of a UK Tourist Visa in Thailand

If any document is missing, they won’t call or email you just to check, but will automatically reject your visa application. Every other application may differ, and it is highly recommended to make sure that you supply all the relevant documents for your visa application. A particular document may not be required for another person’s case, but it does not mean that your case would also not need it.

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Another reason would be the improper filling out of the form, or filling out the wrong form in some cases. It is very important to use the correct form for your situation, and be able to answer all the questions consistently and honestly. Make sure to read and re-read the form a few times, including the consistency of all the answers with each other. Misleading information will result to your application being denied, all information provided should be honest. You may also be banned from applying for up to a duration of 10 years if found guilty.

Presentation of the documents is also an important aspect; you should write a cover letter explaining your visa application with all the needed documents in logical order. This would make the job of the visa officer much easier. Submitting documents in some random order will result to the visa officer to miss something and might be an aspect for the refusal of your application.

Sufficient funding should also be considered when applying for the UK Tourist Visa from Thailand. Though there is no specific amount set for travelling to the UK, it should be obvious that you will need enough money for your visit. Staying in an expensive city like London definitely needs more funding than staying with friends in a much smaller UK town. If your sponsor is shouldering all your expenses, you need to show enough evidence to prove of your existing relationship.

If you are living together, then you can provide documents such as bank statements that are going to the same address. You can also provide photos together with the sponsor, email exchanges or phone call evidence are also considered as valid proof. If you have had the refusal of a UK tourist visa in Thailand then speak to us today.