CR1 visa or K3 Marriage visa

Which visa do you really need, the CR-1 visa or K-3 marriage visa? There has been a lot of confusion between the US CR-1 and the US K-3 visas. In general, it is quite similar when it comes to the process. This except for the fact that the US CR-1 visa takes a longer time to complete the processing. It has more and much better benefits compared to the US K-3 visa.

Under the category of immigrant visa suitable for the Thai spouse of a US citizen. There are two options: the US CR-1 visa or the US K-3 visa. If you intend to obtain a green card for your Thai wife, then you will have to consider the time frame in which the adjustment of status will take to complete for the US K-3 visa. However, for the US CR-1 visa, your Thai spouse immediately is granted permanent residency in the United States.

CR1 visa or K3 Marriage visa

As mentioned in the previous writings, a US CR-1 visa can be adjusted after staying in the United States for 1 year and 9 months.Alternatively, in other words within 90 days prior to the expiration of the CR-1 card. While on the other hand, a US K-3 visa should immediately be acted upon arrival to the United States.

The US CR-1 visa allows the holder to seek employment once he or she is in the United States, while the US K-3 visa does not allow such opportunity unless they can secure a work authorization. All in all, the US K-3 visa in Thailand is for those who are in a hurry to come to the United States, while a US CR-1 visa is for those who are willing to wait.

US CR-1 Visa in Thailand application requirements

The couple should be married for at least two years. This as well as prove the authenticity and continuity of the marriage. Evidence such as original copy of marriage certificate, photos, email and chat conversation records, and other similar documents has to be presented.

The petitioner must be an American citizen and should be able to meet the minimum income requirement. This as prescribed by the Poverty Guidelines of the United States. This financial capacity will assure the US government that the petitioner is capable of financing his Thai wife. Also that she will not be dependent on social security or any public funds while staying in the United States.

The beneficiary should be a Thai citizen: 

– Must have no criminal record and show a Police Clearance Certificate;

– Must have no health issues, especially tuberculosis. Medical certificate should be obtained;

– Must have no involvement with any form of prostitution;

– Must have no involvement in any way with illegal drugs;

The process in applying for a US CR-1 visa starts when the petitioner submits the requirements to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS will then be sending you a notice of receipt, and if your application is approved, they will again be sending you an approval notice. After this, they will forward your application to the National Visa Center (NVC) for further processing.

See also: The K2 visa as well as the K4 visa and the adjustment of status. The IR1 visa is also listed with the CR1 visa as well as the US medical exams

The NVC will then send you a notice with your corresponding case number. It will then forward your application to the US Embassy in Bangkok. In turn, the US Embassy in Bangkok will schedule your Thai spouse for an interview. This will determine whether your application has been granted or denied. If you have any further questions about the CR-1 visa or K-3 marriage visa then speak to us online.

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