British fiancée visa

British fiancée visa

British fiancée visa

A British fiancée visa from Thailand will enable you to bring your Thai fiancée to the UK and get married. This would be very convenient for those who have work in the UK. Then making it hard to settle in Thailand with their lovely fiancées. Applying for a British fiancée visa from Thailand has two very important requirements. There must be an authentic relationship with your Thai fiancée and your financial standing in the UK.

British fiancée visa requirements

To prove that yours is a genuine relationship would mean that you and your fiancée can show evidence that you’ve been together for at least six months. Anything from email conversations, pictures together, and money transfer transactions. This can be presented as proof of genuine relationship. For previously married men, they are required to present the Divorce certificate or Death certificate, whichever is applicable.

Financial Requirements

The financial requirements and your standing in the UK is also important. This as the government is making sure that you will be able to support your wife financially. This if she will be staying in the UK. It is necessary to be financially stable. As a sponsor for the British fiancée visa for a Thai citizen. You will be asked to present bank statements, pay slips, letter of employment. This as well as house titles and deeds or any mortgage agreements.

The British fiancée visa takes around two weeks to reach the UK by mail. This and three more months to finish the whole process. Once your fiancée is granted the visa, she can openly travel to the UK and eventually get married within the specified timeline. After the marriage in the UK, the visa status of the British fiancée visa can be adjusted. This so that she can stay in the country permanently. You can also look at the UK spouse visa for more information when you compare the two.

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The visa will automatically be granted an extension after the marriage. This without the need to travel outside of the UK. This extension is known as FLR (further leave to remain) and is valid for a span of two years and nine months. This allowing your Thai wife to be legally employed in the UK and acquire a UK national insurance number from the Department of Works and Pensions to be able to open bank accounts under her own name.


Long Stay in Thailand

Moving to Thailand

If you are considering moving to Thailand then consider obtaining either a Thailand ltr visa or the permanent residency overview as well.You can compare these two on this website. Lastly also see the notary public Bangkok as well for those who are going to live in Thailand. Lastly read the Hague Conference on Apostille Convention if you are going to teach or work in Thailand.

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