Lost Passport Transfer Visa

Lost Passport Transfer Visa

Lost Passport Transfer Visa

Lost passport in Thailand

If you lose your passport while you’re in Thailand, here’s what you should do:

Firstly, go to the local police and tell them what happened. This helps with safety and is important when you want to get a new passport. Next, contact your country’s embassy or consulate in Thailand right away. Tell them all about the lost passport and listen to what they say you should do next.

At the embassy or consulate, you might have to fill out a form about the lost passport. This is an important step. You’ll need to give the embassy or consulate some documents, like ID, proof that you’re a citizen, and maybe a copy of the police report.

You’ll also have to pay some money for the new passport. The cost can be different depending on your home country. Now, the embassy or consulate will start working on your new passport. It takes some time, so be patient and ask them when you can expect to get it.

If you need to travel urgently, talk to the embassy or consulate. They might give you a temporary travel paper to help you get back home. Remember, each country might have slightly different rules, so do exactly what the embassy or consulate tells you. And for the future, it’s a good idea to keep a copy of your passport in a safe place.


Transfer visa to new passport Thailand

You will need to understand how your lost passport transfer visa. If you lost your passport then the documents are different when you transfer your visa. Firstly when you lose your passport in Thailand, you will have to report the lost passport to Thai police. They in turn will issue you with a police card with the case number on. When you go to your Embassy, they will require that you show them the police case number before you apply for a new passport. Keep a copy of that police case number. This is how to manage your lost passport and the transfer visa. This is for a retirement visa in Thailand as well as the Thai marriage visa which have been extended.

When you collect your new passport you will need to take this with you to immigration. You will need to take the new passport with you as well as a copy if you have one. For those who have an extended visa, normally you keep loads of copies of these things for your next visa renewal. You will need the following:


  • Your new passport from the Embassy
  • The letter the Embassy gave you for Thai immigration requesting assistance with the new passport.
  • Unlike getting married when you have to have the Embassy certified, this is not needed for a passport
  • Copy of the report from Thai police to show that the old passport was report stolen or lost
  • Copy of the face page of the new passport will also be needed
  • Your completed application form


The procedure works as follows:

You will need to approach the passport replacement service counter, Division 2, Immigration Division 1 to submit an application. You will need to write down your name and surname, passport number and date of arrival in Thailand. If you don’t recall this then check your last 90 day online report as all the details will be in there for you to check.

Thai immigration will then check to see if the details are correct. Once they have checked the entry into Thailand, they will place the new stamp in the new passport to show your entry date into Thailand. This explains the process for the transfer visa to new passport in Thailand.

Considering retirement in Thailand?

Our immigration lawyer Thailand as well as our lawyer in Bangkok has assisted many expats retire in Thailand using the retirement visa Thailand immigration option. We will assist you making your dream retirement in the Kingdom. See also our article on the converting a civil partnership process and British fiancée visa applications.

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