Australian Spouse Visa Documents

If you are applying for an Australian Temporary Spouse Visa (being married less than 3 years) or a Permanent Spouse Visa (being married less more than 3 years) you will need all of the documents plus the addition documents compared to an Australian Fiancee Visa as explained elsewhere.


The following documents are needed for the Australian Spouse visa for a Thai national. These documents are the same as the documents for the Australian fiancee visa however being a spouse visa you need to have additional documents for the Australian Spouse visa for a Thai in Thailand. These documents are listed below but always speak to a lawyer in Thailand before you star the visa process in Thailand.

Australian visa for Thai


Australian Spouse Visa (subclass 309) + (subclasses 820 and 801)

Thai Wife

  • – Certified copies of her biographical pages of her current passport
  • – If her name or surname has changed she needs a name change certificate
  • – A certified copy of her birth certificate showing both parents’ names



  • – Certified copies of birth certificates (If she is taking minor children to Australia)
  • – Certified copies of adoption papers if it was an adopted child/children*
  • – Evidence of financial dependency if the child/children are over 18 years of age*
  • – If the child has a father that is not you then speak to a lawyer as it gets complicated



  • – If she is divorced or widowed she needs to bring all the government documents as proof
  • – Evidence that you have met face-to-face as adults (photos)
  • – Evidence that you will marry within 9 months of entering Australia (wedding bookings)
  • – Evidence that you will stay together in Australia (photos, letters, emails)
  • – Written statements (Where you met, etc) speak to a lawyer for assistance*
  • – Provide a Police Clearance Certificate from Thailand


  • – You need to prove that you are an Australian citizen
  • – Evidence of accommodation in Australia (Lease agreement, utility bills)
  • – You need to show anyone you had sponsored before and where they are now*

In addition

  • – Certified copy of your marriage certificate
  • – Financial evidence of the relationship (Proof of who pays what)
  • – Evidence of household arrangements (Who sleeps where, responsibility of paying bills)*
  • – Evidence of the relationship socially (People view you as being married)*
  • – Evidence of accommodation in Australia (Lease agreement, utility bills)

Australian Spouse Visa Documents* It is always best to use an immigration lawyer for this application while in Thailand, not only to obtain the documents but also to complete all the documents but also because these issues which are marked (*) tend to be the most complicated and this is where most of the visa denials occur. Your written statements about your relationship will be checked during the interview so it is best to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. Minor children of which you are not the father also gets very complicated as further forms need to be completed for this process.

The information contained in our website is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For further information, please contact us.

Australian Spouse Visa FAQ

What documents are required for Australian spouse visa?

  • Her Thai birth certificate with her parent’s names
  • Her current Thai passport
  • Her medical clearance certificate
  • Also her Thai criminal record clearance
  • Proof of a relationship, applicable emails and photos

See the other documents requirements for the Australian spouse visa. If there are children that are hers then there will be additional documents needed.

To apply for the Australian spouse visa you will need to complete all the documents and ensure that you have completed the documents for your Thai wife and Australian sponsor. You will need to have your Thai marriage certificate, criminal and medical checks and proof of the sponsors financial ability.