Australian Fiancee Visa Requirements

Do you know what the Australian fiancee visa documents are needed If you are thinking of applying for an Australian visa then you need to ensure that you have all the correct documents for the visa application? Below we have listed these documents which you will need to obtain for the Australian visa be this for an Australian Spouse Visa or an Australian Fiancée Visa in Bangkok.

 Australian Fiancée Visa Requirements

This is the (subclass 300) visa. These are the basic documents needed for the visa application process outside of schooling certificates which they may also request. Can you move to Australia once you have the visa?  Yes you can. There are a number of visas for this such as an Australian fiancee visa, spouse visa or partner visa. Once you have met the requirements for your Australian visa you can move to Australia with your Australian husband or fiancee.

How long does the visa application take? The approval process for the Australian fiancee visa differ from country to country. One average the Australian fiancee visa from Thailand takes between 4 and 10 months to be approved. You will need to meet the requirements for the visa as well.

The visa process might appear easy and simple however it can become very complicated if there are errors. These are all part of the Australian visa requirements. In order to obtain an Australian fiancee visa the requirements for the fiancee visa must be met. You must be over the age of 18, free to marry and intend to get married once back in Australia. Criminal clearance, medical and financial requirements need to be met. See more on Australian visa problems on here.


Your Thai fiancée needs to have:

Applicant Status

Visa Applicant


– Her certified copies of the bio passport pages of the current passport

– Also if her surname or name has been changed. Then also her name change certificate

– Also a certified copy of your fiancés birth certificate which shows both parents’ names

– Her Thai Medical Record as required

– Also she will need to have a criminal record check in Thailand


– The certified copies (if there are minor children) of their birth certificates 

– If there is an adopted child then the certified copies of the adoption papers*

– If the child is over 18 years then there must be evidence of financial dependency *

– Should the child have a father (if not yours) then speak to our family lawyer*


Australian Fiancee Visa Documents

Applicant Status


– If she is widowed or divorced she will need to have all the government documents as proof

– Also photos to show you have met face-to-face as adults

– Evidence you will be married within 9 months once she entered Australia (wedding)

– Photos, emails and letters as evidence that you will stay together

– Written statements (Where you met, e.t.c) speak to our lawyer for legal assistance*

– Also provide a recent Police Clearance Certificate from Thailand for the application.


– Firstly you will need to prove you are an Australian national

– Ownership or lease agreement as evidence of an abode in Australia

– You will need to show anyone sponsored by yourself prior and also where they are*

Australian Visa Checklist

The documents collection process takes time but once you have collected all the documents and everything has been certified then the process can begin. Speak to our experts in Bangkok or Phuket for more information and many visa denials tend to be due to a lack of proper documents or a misunderstanding during the visa application process. The Australian visa for Thai girlfriend is also explained on this website.

* It is best to use a lawyer for this in Thailand, not only to obtain and complete all the documents but also because these issues which are marked (*) tend to be the most complicated and this is where most of the visa denials occur.

Ensure that there are no misunderstandings later when you present your written statements about your relationship. You do know that this will be checked by the Embassy during the visa interview. Complications do arise when it comes to the minor children if you are not the father. There will be additional forms which will need to be filed for this visa process.

The Australian fiancee visa from Thailand timeline will depend on the Embassies. These times do vary and on average it takes about 4 to 10 months.This process is a subclass 300 visa application and cane be completed in Thailand if the fiancee visa requirements are met. Finally, see also the Australian visa refusal reasons.

The information which is on our website is only for general purposes and does not constitute legal advice.