Thai driving license

What you need is a Thai driving license. See how to get Thai driving license for foreigners. This is how to get your driver’s license in Thailand as the IDT has very limited us after 2 months. Applying for your driver’s license in Thailand can be easy. If you have settled in Thailand then you are going to want to have a driver’s license be this for a car or a motorcycle.

If you wish to use your driver’s license from your home country then you will need to obtain an IDP (International Drivers Permit). The rules in Thailand do change but it is understood that once in Thailand for longer than 90 days the government will look for a Thai driver’s license.

Thai driving license

Drivers License in Thailand

Laws are not always enforced in Thailand however when they are you always want to be on the correct side of the law. Vehicle insurance in Thailand might also have its own clauses so if you are renting a car then check with them as to the conditions of insurance. If you have bought a motorcycle or vehicle then also check the fine print on the insurance with regards to the use of a driver’s license. The how to get Thai driving license for foreigners is easy to understand. 

Note that in order to obtain a Thai driver’s license you need to ensure that you have entered Thailand on a non-immigrant visa. This can be a non immigrant o visa Thai spouse or a Thailand retirement visa. You can also use your business visa and work permit. The Thai traffic department will not however all you to apply for a driver’s license when you entered Thailand on a visa on arrival or a tourist visa.

Your first Thai driver’s license is good for one year when issued the first time. After that, you can apply for a license that is valid for 5 years. See the Thai traffic department website for more details or speak to us while we complete your marriage or retirement visa in Thailand. If you are going to retire in Nong Khai or what to know the retirement in Thailand facts then see the link.

One Year License (Temporary License)

Documents needed for a foreigner

1. Completed application form for Driving License

2. Photocopy of your Passport pages showing the visa/visa extension stamp

3. Photocopy of a Valid Thai Work Permit (only required if you have one)

4. Your original Medical Certificate not more than 30 days old

5. Original Certificate of Residence from Thai Immigration or your Embassy

6. Photocopy of your unexpired Driving License from your own country (if you have one)

7. Photocopy of International Driving Permit (IDP) from your home country (if you have one)

8. Fee for Car License of 205 Baht and/or Fee for Motorcycle License of 155 Baht


The information contained in our website is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. 

Drivers License in Thailand FAQ

International driver’s Licence in Thailand

how to get thai driving license for foreignersYes the international driver’s Licence in Thailand is good for 90 days after you enter Thailand. After this they are going to want you to have a Thai drivers licence. See also the local car and motorcycle accident insurance requirements.

Can I drive with USA license in thailand

Yes if you have an international drivers licence. If you don’t have one it would be illegal as many try this with hiring a motorcycle. The insurance is not going to cover an accident without a licence. Many foreigners are injured or die in Thailand in motorcycle accidents.

Can I get a Thai drivers licence

Yes you can. Apply at your local traffic department while you have a non-immigrant visa. You cannot apply on a tourist visa or on a visa on arrival. Normally your extended retirement visa, marriage visa or work permit will be needed. You can use your IDP (International Drivers Permit) in Thailand however after 90 days in Thailand they will want a proper driver licence. You will need to have a non-immigrant visa to obtain a drivers licence. The application process starts at your local traffic department in Thailand.