Contested Divorce in Thailand

Divorce litigation in Thailand can be costly. A contested divorce in Thailand. When one goes through court case in going through a divorce, this would fall under a contested type of divorce. This is a judicial or a court divorce case in which one of the parties is given the option to go and file in court to end the marriage. There are grounds set forth by Thai law in filing for a divorce.

Contested Divorce in Thailand

A definite ground as basis of divorce would make each parties open to ending the marriage. There are also cases wherein the other party is absent or has runaway through the marriage and has caused disadvantage and harm to the other. Also, if there is a child involved, conflicts and disagreements on child custody and distribution of marital assets cannot be settled by themselves, so there is a need for the court to act on it for process of divorce and to come up with better solutions to agree upon once marriage ended.

Basic documents required for the pleading:

Preparation of a Contested divorce in Thailand

The Plaintiff is the spouse who must file petition for divorce in court and must be the party in distressed in the marriage. The purpose in filing for the divorce is to seek aid in a failed marriage. There should be grounds for divorce specified to be used for the divorce. The Plaintiff, together with a lawyer, is needed, as the grounds are not limited to identifying, but must be provided by sufficient evidence of your claim. Identifying and providing the grounds with evidences comes with the preparation of the pleading as it would define the issues for judicial sentence.

  1. – A copy of spouse’s Thai National ID
  2. – Also a copy of Thai Household Registration
  3. – As well as a copy of foreign spouse’s passport
  4. – And a copy of foreign spouse’s identification bearing residence
  5. – A copy of marriage documents
  6. – Also a copy of children’s birth certificate, if applicable
  7. – Proof of grounds for divorce

Seeking legal assistance from a Thai lawyer will weigh evidence to prove claims against the spouse. A case must be strong enough to stand even if spouse admits it willfully or to contest the petition.

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Note that a contested divorce in Thailand can be costly and lengthy. 


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