Living Will in Thailand

The Living Will in Thailand is a new legal concept in Thailand. The Thai Living Will, also dubbed as the Physician’s Directive, is an advance health care instructions for medical treatment. This by a legally capable person. This is separate from a Last Will, which differs because the living will. This as it indicates how you should be cared for while still alive. Also the latter states how your assets will be segregated and about funeral arrangements.

Living Will in Thailand

The Living Will in Thailand does not have anything to do with your property. It just refers to something you get to decide in advance regarding your treatment and medical care. Then when the time comes that you are unable to specify those things due to illness or incapacity. You can decide if you wish to be kept in a life extending machine. This in cases where there is no longer hope in recovering after a tragic accident or terminal medical condition. It would make it much easier for your family to know what treatment you want if you have a Living Will.

A living will in Thailand should be based on the regulations of the Ministerial Regulation. It does not allow mercy killing or euthanasia. However, it could become a part of a type of power of attorney where one could be appointed to make decisions on their behalf if case of death. Here are some conditions if you want to make a Living Will in Thailand:

Living Will Requirements

– Must be 18 years or older.

– Must be specific on the dates of the living will + complete details on the person making the will.

– You must specify which type of healthcare you do not wish to receive.

– Should be signed by the maker of the will and a witness or witnesses.

– Details of the witness or witnesses should also be written.

Having at least two witnesses will reduce risk of having legal problems. Relationship with the declarant should be declared and written, it is highly recommended to put witnesses who do not have personal interest with your properties.

See also: Much like your law will as well as the living will and public notary in Bangkok for more information. 

Make sure that you choose a health care representative who is willing to refuse certain methods of care when you reach a terminal stage. Thai nationals may balk this issue because of their Buddhist culture, so best see to it that you choose someone who is willing to follow your every instruction when the time comes that you are incapable of communicating. Talk to us today about last living will in Thailand and not he standard last will and testament in Thailand.


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