Common Crimes

These are some of the most common crimes in Thailand when it comes to foreigners. There have been a number of arrests of foreign criminals in Thailand. Below you will find the most common crimes committed by foreigners in Thailand that have made the news over the past few years. These have been listed from the most common to the least common criminal offences.

Common Crimes

Visa Overstay

The most common crime committed in Thailand by foreigners tends to be overstaying their visa. This is more common than any other crime. You can see more about the visa overstay offence here. This offence ends with a fine and deportation however you will have to cover your own costs such as your airline ticket back home. Deportation from Thailand is normally done for the IDC in Bangkok. Note also that if you are caught the banning order from Thailand will be far more severe than if you had surrendered. Speak to an attorney about this if you have overstayed your visa for Thailand.


This is not uncommon either and many foreigners have been arrested in Thailand for assault during drunken brawls. Normally the police will arrest you where you are and hold you over to appear before court. See your legal rights in Thailand when you have been arrested on this website. Always speak to an attorney as you are allowed to remain silent and to obtain the services of an attorney. Should you appear before court the prosecutor may request that you be remanded to a local prison while the matter is being investigated. The option of bail is there but as a foreigner the likelihood of you getting bail is slim to none.

See also: the criminal trial as well as criminal legal process. Kidnapping in Thailand is complex as well as the most common crimes committed and getting arrested in Thailand.



Once arrested the police will check your passport as well as the property you have been located at. They also have the right to search you for any other drugs during the arrest. Drug penalties in Thailand are very stiff and long term prison for these sentences are common. Once arrested you can be held on remand for up to 84 days while the police and prosecutor investigates the case. You trial realistically could be more than a year away once arrested. Sentences in Thailand for drug offences are very heavy. Always speak to an attorney should you be arrested for drugs.

Property Crimes

The arrest for property crimes comes mainly from damage to property during assaults and accidents. Many of these do get solved without the courts as the victims mainly want compensation for the damage to the property. If is always best to ensure that you have an attorney for this as there are also many scams in Thailand when it comes to tourists and jet ski’s as has been seen in recent years in the local newspapers.

Always ensure that you have the contact details of a criminal lawyer in Thailand when visiting the country. Your Embassy in Bangkok may not be of any assistance when you encounter trouble while on holiday on Thailand. Always ensure that you make use of your rights when arrested and seek legal assistance.


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