Receiving Stolen Property

Receiving stolen property in Thailand is a criminal offence. By definition hiding stolen goods or buying or disposing of stolen property are all illegal. Note that there are a number of issues covered such as Fraud in Thailand as well as Robbery. See those pages for further explanation. 

Receiving Stolen Property

Thai Receiving Stolen Property

Section 357

The Thai Criminal Code defines the offense of receiving stolen property. It encompasses various actions. These, including assisting in concealing, disposing of, or purchasing property obtained through criminal activities such as theft, robbery, fraud, and misappropriation. Offenders found guilty of this offense face imprisonment for up to five years, a fine not exceeding ten thousand Baht, or both.

Furthermore, if the offense is committed for profit or involves property obtained through theft, robbery, or gang-robbery, the penalties escalate. In such cases, offenders may be imprisoned for six months to ten years and fined between one thousand to twenty thousand Baht.

Moreover, if the offense involves property obtained through specific theft or robbery sections of the Criminal Code, the penalties become even more severe. Offenders in these instances face imprisonment for five to fifteen years and fines ranging from ten thousand to thirty thousand Baht.

Case Example

The defendant’s obtaining a motorcycle valued at over 10,000 baht for a mere 5,000 baht, coupled with the failure to execute the proper transfer of vehicle registration. This serves as a compelling circumstance. This evidence strongly indicates that the defendant knowingly obtained the motorcycle from a criminal source. This with with full awareness that it was procured through the commission of theft. Consequently, based on these circumstances, it is evident that the defendant is guilty of the offense of receiving stolen property. Supreme Court Judgment No. 2528/2530.


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