Work Permit renewal Thailand   

Your work permit renewal requires the correct documents. Once you have a Thailand work permit application you need to renew the work permit before it expires. You will need the same documents you had before when you applied for the permit initially. You would also need to bring with a tax certificate to should that you have paid your taxes with the last work permit. This is very important. You will also need a new medical certificate. See also the article on getting a work permit in Thailand for more information. There is also the Thailand work permit application and finally the Thailand income tax for foreigners article. 

Work Permit renewal Thailand

You can search this website as we have explained how to apply for a work permit. There is also a section on prohibited employment in Thailand and working in Thailand without work permit which you might be interested in reading. See also the Thailand work permit cost as well as the Thailand work permit lawyer page. The documents need you to renew your work permit are as follows:

o facilitate the renewal of your work permit in Thailand, it is imperative to gather a comprehensive set of documents tailored to your specific profession. The following prerequisites must be met for a successful renewal process:

  1. Non-Immigrant Visa (B Visa or O Visa): A valid non-immigrant visa is a fundamental requirement. Whether you hold a Business (B) Visa or another appropriate category such as an O Visa, having the right visa status is crucial for renewing your work permit.
  2. Current Work Permit: You must possess your current work permit, serving as a reference for the renewal process. This document establishes your existing work status and employment history in Thailand.
  3. Mental Fitness: A requirement for work permit renewal is being mentally sound. Individuals must not suffer from any mental illness, ensuring their ability to engage in gainful employment responsibly.
  4. Educational Qualifications Copy (for Teachers): If you are a teacher, include a copy of your educational qualifications. This validates your eligibility to continue teaching in Thailand.
  5. Press Card and Letter Copy (for Journalists): Journalists should provide a copy of their press card along with a letter from the Thai government, verifying their professional status.
  6. Letter Copies (for Evangelists and NGO Workers): Evangelists need a copy of the letter from their mission and the Thai government. Likewise, NGO workers should include copies of both the NGO letter and the corresponding Thai government letter.
  7. Passport Copy: A copy of your passport is a standard requirement, verifying your identity and nationality.
  8. Teacher’s License Copy (for Teachers): Exclusively for teachers, a copy of the teacher’s license is mandatory for renewal, confirming their authorization to teach in Thailand.
  9. Work Location Map Copy: Provide a copy of a map indicating your current work location. This aids authorities in verifying the accuracy of your reported workplace.
  10. Medical Certificate Copy: Include a copy of your medical certificate, detailing your blood type and results of a syphilis check. This ensures compliance with health standards.
  11. Tax Certificate: Demonstrating your commitment to tax obligations, include a tax certificate showcasing your registration and payment of personal income taxes in Thailand.

By meticulously preparing and presenting these documents, you enhance the likelihood of a smooth work permit renewal process, adhering to Thai immigration regulations and ensuring your continued legal employment in the country.

Your qualifications:

The following documents would be needed when you renew your work permit. You also need to have the current work permit with you as well as your tax certificate from the current work permit.

  • – You must have a non-immigrant visa (B Visa or O Visa) OR;
  • – Also you must have the current work permit in hand
  • – You must be sane and not mentally ill;
  • – Copy of your educational qualifications (teacher)
  • – Also a Copy of your press card and letter from the Thai government (journalist)
  • – Copy of your letter from your mission and letter from the Thai government (evangelist)
  • – As well as a copy of your letter from the NGO and from the Thai government (NGO)
  • – Copy of your passport
  • – As well as a Copy of your teacher’s license (teacher only)
  • – Copy of a map showing where you are working
  • – Also a Copy of a medical certificate (blood type and syphilis check)
  • – Tax certificate to show you are registered and paid personal income taxes in Thailand


Company documents:

The following documents need to be provided with the renewal of the work permit which your company or employer will have.

  • – Copy of the registration of the Thai business on your work permit
  • – Also a copy of VAT Registration form Phor Por 01 of the business
  • – Copy of the Thai business license – as an example Factory License, etc
  • – Also a copy showing that Social Security Payments had been made;

These are the basics to renew your work permit in Thailand. If you have any questions then call us or email us for more information. If you are in Bangkok or Phuket then you can also walk into our office for a free consultation about your work permit renewal.


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