Thailand work permit application

The work permit process in Thailand or the Thailand work permit application process will depend on what you are going to be doing in Thailand. The process for a journalist and a teacher is not going to be the same. Below we have given the basics for each common profession in Thailand that would apply for a work permit. If you have any questions then email or call us for assistance. Note working illegality in Thailand is not a good idea.

Thailand work permit application

When preparing documentation for employment, especially for teaching positions in Thailand, it’s essential to compile a thorough set of documents to ensure a smooth and successful application process. Here’s a breakdown of the key documents required, particularly for teachers:

  1. Proof of Qualifications (Diploma + Transcripts): Provide evidence of your academic qualifications by submitting a copy of your diploma along with transcripts. This verifies your educational background and eligibility for the teaching position.

  2. Complete Resume: Present a comprehensive resume outlining your professional experience, skills, and relevant details. This document offers a snapshot of your qualifications and career history.

  3. Recent Photos: Include recent photographs, taken within the last six months, sized at 3cm X 4cm. These photos contribute to your overall application package.

  4. Map to School or Business: Attach a map providing clear directions to your school or business location. This assists authorities in verifying the accuracy of your reported workplace.

  5. Criminal Background Check: While not always mandatory, some instances may require a criminal background check from your home country. This document ensures compliance with legal standards and may be requested during the application process.

  6. Copy of Thai Teacher’s License: Not always obligatory at the embassy, a copy of your Thai teacher’s license may be required in specific cases. This document validates your authorization to teach in Thailand.

  7. Medical Certificate: Include a medical certificate detailing your blood type and an advanced syphilis check. This ensures compliance with health standards and is an essential part of the application, especially for teachers.

  8. Tax Return from Last Work Permit: If you’ve had a previous work permit, provide your tax return from that period. This demonstrates your adherence to tax obligations and financial transparency.

These documents collectively form a robust application package, showcasing your qualifications, experience, and compliance with legal and health standards. It’s crucial to check specific requirements with the relevant authorities or employers and ensure that all documentation is up-to-date and accurately represents your credentials.

Work permit application

If this is a new application then the following is needed. You start by applying for a Thai “B” visa. The embassy will need the following as well as the labor department later. Note that there are certain prohibited jobs in Thailand for foreigners. This is explained with the jobs in Thailand for foreigners on this website.

  • – Proof of your qualifications (Diploma + Transcripts)*
  • – Complete resume
  • – Photos which are not older than 6 months (3cm X 4cm)
  • – Map to your school or business
  • Criminal Background Check from your home country (not always required)*
  • – Copy of Thai teachers licence (not always required at Embassy)*
  • Medical certificate (your blood type and advanced syphilis check)
  • – Tax return from your last work permit (if you had one before)

* Mainly for teachers who will be teaching in Thailand.

The following documents the Thai business will have to provide for you when you start the application process. Even if the Embassy does not require everything it is best not to leave any documents out. These documents will be needed by the Labour Department and Thai immigration later.

The job description is very important as it needs to fill a vacancy that a Thai cannot fill. See also the getting a work permit in Thailand on here. There is also the work permit renewal Thailand process. The work permit Thailand cost is also explained.

Thai Work permit application

  • – Copy of the registration of the Thai business on your work permit
  • – Also a Copy of VAT Registration form Phor Por 01 of the business
  • – Copy of VAT Certificate – Phor Phor 20 of the business
  • – As well as a Copy of Withholding Tax – Phor Ngor Dor 1
  • – Copy of Certified Shareholders List
  • – Also a Copy of the Social Security Payment filing
  • – Copy of the Thai business license – as an example Factory License
  • – Copy of school registration with MOE if you are a teacher


These documents will be needed by the Thai embassy as well as the Labour Department in Thailand. Apply for the Thai “B” visa then return to Thailand and apply for the work permit. See also the article on work permit renewal in Thailand for more information. The application process, once you have the visa, takes about 7 days to complete for a normal business. If it is a BOI business then the work permit application process takes less than 6 hours to complete. See also the taxes in Thailand for expats so you know what you will be paying. Also reed to article on why it is a bad idea to be working in Thailand without work permit on here.

In Southern Thailand, the application process is much slower and can take 6 weeks to complete so it is always best to start the process once back in Thailand immediately. If you have more questions about the work permit process in Thailand then contact us today! Call us your Thailand work permit lawyer today for more information on obtaining your Blue Book in Thailand.


The information contained on our website is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.