Thailand work permit cost

These are the work permit fees in Thailand. The work permit Thailand cost options depends on a number of issues. It depends on how long you are going to have the Thai work permit renewal extended and your work permit fees change. There are also other fees such as work permit fees for changing location or occupation on the exact same work permit. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand about the charges and also the timeline for each process. The work permit for Thailand cost is discussed below as well as the Thail work permit application. We are your work permit lawyers in Bangkok.

Thailand Work Permit Cost

Most work permits in Thailand are for the length of the contact. Most employment contracts in Thailand tend to be for 12 months only. It can however be longer and your work permit can be for as long as the contract will be. You might have a contract for 18 months so the permit will be for 18 months. Note that your Thai visa will also be extended with your permit so it means a visit to the Labour Department as well as Thai immigration. The Thailand work permit cost is normally paid by the company.

You will also note that you can also apply for a permit while holding onto a Thai marriage visa while in Thailand. Once the work permit is canceled your Non-Immigrant B Thai visa will also be canceled. If you have a 12-month Non-Immigrant B Visa and you only work for 6 months and the work permit is canceled, you will need to apply for a Non-B Visa again and go through the process of extending it again to the 12-month visa you had before. Please, note that this rule does not apply to Marriage Visa when it comes to the work permit in Thailand.

Usually, your employer takes care of getting your work permit. But sometimes, you might have to do it yourself. This could happen if the company that hired you in Thailand doesn’t have enough staff to help you, and you end up having to sort out your work permit alone. You can find more information by reading articles about work permit lawyers in Thailand.

When it comes to the Thai Work Permit, here’s what you need to know. If you’re trying to get a business visa from the Thai consulate or embassy in your home country because you want to work in Thailand, the embassy officer might ask for your initial work permit application, also known as WP3. This is usually needed before you can apply for your visa.


Work Permit Fees in Thailand

If the work permit in Thailand is longer than one year or 12 months. Then there are additional fees. It is not very common to have employment contracts for longer than 12 months in Thailand. So most of the laws revolve around a 12 month period.

Securing a work permit in Thailand is a pivotal step for foreign nationals wishing to engage in gainful employment within the country. The cost associated with obtaining a work permit can fluctuate, contingent upon various factors, and understanding the intricacies of the process is imperative for expatriates desiring to work legally in Thailand.

The Thailand work permit cost comprises diverse components, encompassing government fees, processing fees, and associated expenses. The specific nature of the work permit, whether for teaching or general employment, can influence the overall expense of the application. For those aspiring to teach in Thailand, additional requirements such as educational qualifications and certifications may contribute to the overall cost of acquiring a work permit.

Navigating the process of obtaining a Thai work permit involves the submission of requisite documents to the Thai authorities. This typically includes evidence of employment, educational qualifications, and a valid passport. Employers play a crucial role in the application process, aiding in the submission of necessary paperwork.

Understanding how to get a work permit in Thailand is paramount. Prospective expatriates should familiarize themselves with the specific requirements and procedures outlined by the Thai Ministry of Labor. Failure to adhere to proper channels and engaging in unauthorized work without the requisite permits can lead to penalties and legal ramifications.


100 THB – Permit Application Fee

750 THB – work permits not longer than 3 months.

1,500 THB – work permit longer than 3 months but does not exceed 6 months.

3,000 THB – work permit longer than 6 months but does not exceed 12 months.

Always speak to your company as well as our lawyer about your work permit in Thailand. Note again that the work permit Thailand cost options depends on the length of the extension.

Fees for work permit amendments:

In the article on working illegally in Thailand one of the many offenses is when you work as a location, not in your permit or not working for the person in the work permit. The permit only allows you to work for the person at the address in your work permit.


500 Baht/Book = Substitute of a permit

1,000 Baht/time = Permission to change or add job description.

3,000 Baht/time = Permission to remove or add an employer

1,000 Baht/time = Permission to change or add the locality or place of work

150 Baht/time = Permission to change or add conditions


As an example, you have a work permit to teach in Thailand. You work for ABC school in Bangkok. You have a part-time job on weekends at AB Language School in Minburi. The work permit does not cover the language school. You don’t need two work permits but can add an employer and add an address to the permit.

Speak to our lawyers about these additions and the fees for changing these while in Thailand. Call us today or walk into our offices in Bangkok to secure your work permit in Thailand. Note that most schools and companies will pay the work permit fees in Thailand. Always check with the company as to who pays the Thai work permit cost.


The information contained on our website is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

Working in Thailand

The work permit costs in Thailand has been explained above. The income tax for foreigners has also been added to this website. Note that the tax table is very easy to follow. Note however that there are a number of what is called Prohibited Jobs in Thailand which foreigners are not allowed to do. Lastly also see the Work Permit Requirements for Thailand on here.