UK Partner Visa

The UK Partner Visa from Thailand can be applied for in Bangkok. In Thailand presently you cannot get married to a person of the same gender. There has been much talk about legalizing same sex marriage in Thailand or ‘gay marriage’ in Thailand however those laws are still far off. This however does not stop you from taking your Thai partner back to the UK under a proper visa.

UK marriage visa or a UK spouse visa.You need to prove that you are in a civil partnership or married. If in a civil partnership you will need to prove that you have lived as a couple for at least 2 years. If you apply for a a UK spouse visa then you must also meet the spouse visa financial requirements. See also the UK Visa Refusal in Thailand to see the most common issues.

You will need to show that you have an income of at least £18,600 a year. These are one of the requirements for the UK partner visa. She can obtain ‘indefinite leave to remain’ within 5 years of entering the United Kingdom.

UK Partner Visa

UK Partner Visa

Partner Visa Requirements

The UK visa from Thailand is the unmarried partner visa for your long term partner. You can take your Thai partner back to the UK when you have lived together as husband and wife. This visa will allow them to join you as a British citizen in the UK.

  • Both intend living together permanently in the UK

You are going to need to prove that you intend to live together in the UK as you are now in Thailand. This will be very difficult to prove. You will need to show that you have lived in Thailand for a long time as de facto husband and wife. What they will look at is how you are living in Thailand and for how long you have been doing this. Most times this will show your intention for a long and lasting relationship. 

  • Both of you can both support yourselves with the need for welfare in the UK

Firstly most expats in Thailand have done this move as a two stage process. The partner who holds the UK citizenship would normally first leave for the UK and find stable employment. This works not only for the UK partner visa but also for other UK visa from Thailand.

It also gives you time to manage the accomodation at the same time. Moving back to the UK from Thailand takes time. The visa process makes a very small of of the process in the end. With employment and accommodation you can now show that you do not and will not resort to the UK welfare system. You can also see how to apply for a UK spouse visa.

With the UK visa is subject to a probationary period with regards to settlement of five years. The reason for this probation period is to ensure that the relationship is valid. You will note that there are no work restrictions on the UK Spouse Visa.

Your Relationship

You are going to need to show that you have lived as a couple for at least two years.

  • You and your Thai partner have both lived together as a couple for 2 years or more

Firstly you are going to need to prove that you have lived together for more than two years. These can be joint accounts at the same address and photos of the relationship over that time period. The longer you have lived together the more evidence you will have, making the process easier. If you have children then you can include these photos as well. See also the fiancee visa requirements UK.

The timeline for the UK partner visa will depend on the country it has been applied from. The UK partner visa can take up to 3 months or 12 weeks to be granted. Ensure that you have proof that you have lived as husband and wife for at least 2 years.

Moving back to the UK

Most can only fulfil this by moving back to the UK first to obtain employment and accommodation again.

  • Both of you have adequate accommodation in the UK for your exclusive use

You will need to show that you have accomodation in the UK. As stated above this is part of the two stage process of moving back to the UK. You will need to find permanent employment as well as permanent accommodation. This you will need to accomplish when you return to the UK first and find employment and the accommodation. This will show that again, you will not seek assistance from the UK welfare system.

  • Both you and your partner don’t have any previous existing marriage/partnership

Your Thai partner will need to show that she or he for that matter is not married. You will need a letter of Freedom to Marry from Thailand or Letter of no-impediment for this. In Thailand it is called a “Celibacy Certificate” which you will need to obtain. This will need to be translated and certified.

The process is the reverse of what you would need when you start with Thailand marriage registration. Except this time it will be your Thai partner who needs the certificate. Normally this starts at the Amphurs Office where you reside. You can also  draft and affidavit as proof that there is no other civil partnership that any of your are involved in. You will need to speak to us about this process. 

If your Thai partner is divorced then you will need a copy of this divorce decree. If it was an administrative divorce then a visit to the local Amphurs Office will allow you to obtain a copy. This will need to be translated and certified for use in this application.  

Firstly both you and your Thai partner needs to be single and over the age of 18. You will also need to be living as a civil partnership or marriage that is recognised in the United Kingdom. These are the basics to start as the rest will be explained below.

What you’ll need to prove

You will also need to prove your relationship status as a couple while in Thailand. The UK visa from Thailand is also explained on here with all the options.

  • You and your partner are both unmarried

As stated above, the “Celibacy Certificate” in Thailand would be required or the divorce decree. These should be translated as well as certified. See the UK letter of affirmation on this website. 

Now should you want your Thai partner to qualify for indefinite leave to enter the UK you must also be able to show and satisfy the Embassy that:

  • You have lived as a couple outside of the UK for at least 2 years

See again above the importance of documented evidence to prove how long you have live together. You would need to look at 2 years as the minimum to prove the relationship. As stated before that the longer you have lived together in Thailand the easier it will be as their is more evidence photos or otherwise. 

  • Your Thai partner has enough knowledge of the English language and UK life

This should not be difficult as most Thai/Foreign couples speak English at home. Normally the longer the relationship the better their English becomes.  This is usually not very difficult to pass a basic English test when back in the UK. 

It has taken most about a year to move back to the UK and then reintegrate into the system. Then get their partner or Thai wife to come over next. As someone once noted, the move is more stressful than the visa process itself. Also note that if she has children from the previous marriage then you will also need to ensure that all the documents for child custody are included. Children can complicate the process.

Application Process

The application processor the visa from Thailand is much the same as a UK spouse or UK fiancé visa application in Thailand however since it all revolves around dates to prove the partnership you will have to have bills or other accounts together to make this claim. You would have to speak to an immigration lawyer about an Embassy interview and the process in this regard.

Even though you cannot get married in Thailand this clearly does not stop you from taking your Thai partner back to the UK on a proper visa. If you have any questions you can call us Toll-Free from the UK or walk into any of our offices in Thailand be it in Phuket or Bangkok for more information.