UK Visa Refusal in Thailand

UK Visa Refusal in Thailand

The UK Visa Refusal in Thailand is not uncommon. Want to know the UK visa refusal reasons? Visa applications for the United Kingdom is the most highly inspected among all visa processes. The UK Visas and Immigration receives a lot of visa applications yearly that does not meet the visa requirements. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that he or she is eligible and meet all the visa requirements, as well as provide all the necessary documents.

Also, for those who have previous visa refusals, this remains permanently in the records of the UK Home Office, and each time you apply for another visa – this visa rejection always comes up. It is an unavoidable hindrance to future UK visa applications and the first attempt must get approval. This is the same for the UK visa for a Thai spouse as well as the UK fiancee visa from Thailand.

UK visa refusal reasons

These are the most common reasons for a visa refusal in Thailand. These refusals tend to be for those who are in the process of applying for a UK visa for a Thai girlfriend.

– Deception; Applicant has submitted false documents.

– Deportation Order; Applicant has received a deportation order in the past.

– The applicant has been convicted of a crime that warrants imprisonment of more than 4 years.

– Applicant deliberately withholding information regarding a criminal record.

– Funds for the UK trip are insufficient.

– Applicant has a record of overstaying or has provided false documents on her previous UK trip.

– The applicant does not comply with requirements such as biometric scan, photos and medica.

– Applicant does not have a valid travel document or passport.

– The applicants‘ purpose of visit not covered under the visa being applied for.

The United Kingdom Immigration Office is authorized to reject any visa application if it sees that the applicant has no reason to visit the UK based on the information submitted on the visa application. If you have received a UK visa refusal in Thailand then it is always best to seek proper legal advice from an immigration lawyer in Thailand. See also the page on the UK visa from Thailand.  

UK Visa Refusal FAQ

Most visa rejections in Thailand are incomplete documents. This or where they believe that the relationship for the UK fiancee visa is inadequate. There is also where your Thai girlfriend had overstayed a previous UK visa. There is also the lack of evidence of reasons that she will not return to Thailand with a UK tourist visa. No, the fees are not refundable. The fees are not the cost of the visa but covers the cost of the visa review.

Most common issues with a UK visa denial or rejection in Thailand would be incomplete documentation. For the UK tourist visa your intentions are not clear. There is also failure to meet the financial requirements or a previous deportation. They will tell you why the visa has been denied. See the UK visa for Thai girlfriend as well as the apply for UK spouse visa and finally the fiancee visa for UK as well.

If your UK visa application has been rejected and if it was under a point based system then you can appeal for a review. This is called an Administrative Review. You will need to see why the visa was rejected and correct what is wrong.

Yes you can reapply for a UK visa again. This is going to depend on the reason for the denial in the first place. If your Thai fiancee has been deported before then there will be an issue. Most denials tend to be incorrect documents which you can correct and reapply so speak to our immigration lawyer in Bangkok.