British Interview Questions

If you have applied for a British visa then normally there will be an interview to ensure that the relationship is real. If it is for a UK visitor’s visa then they need to ensure that you will return to Thailand when your holiday is done. These are some of the basic questions for a typical interview in Bangkok, Thailand.


UK Visa

Is this your first application for a UK Visa?

This is a common question as they would know if you have applied before for a UK visa. If you have applied before then there is no real problem. They might use this as a first question during the interview process.

How long do you intend to stay in the United Kingdom?

If you are applying for a tourist visa they will check the dates on your visa application to ensure that they are more or less the same. They want to ensure that you will return to Thailand when your holiday is over. This is normally for a UK visitor’s visa.

The UK fiancée visa, UK spouse visa and also the UK partner visa will be different as they need to ensure that the relationship is valid and that you will not need access to the welfare system while in the UK. These are some of the questions.

When did you first meet your husband/partner?

They want to see where you met as it might tell them something about your character and also confirm the visa application that you submitted to ensure that you are telling the truth.

So how long did you live with him or stay with him?

More for a partner or spouse visa as they want to see if you meet the requirements for the visa. An applicant is eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain (settlement) after continuous period of 60 months (5 years) living together as husband and wife in the UK.

Do you have any photos to show me?

This is a good question as people who live as husband and wife normally have a photo of their spouse or partner in their wallet of bag. Do you have one in yours?

Does your husband have any children from a previous relationship?

They also ask questions about your in-laws. They want to know how well you know each other. The more you know about the family then normally the better you will be. Not knowing as an example how many children you have or your mother’s name is normally a bad sign.

What does your husband do for a job?

Another common question as again they will check how well you know your partner and also the in-laws. Also where you are going to live and what you do for a living is important to know.

If you have any questions about your UK visa then call us toll-free from the UK or simply walk into our offices in Phuket or Bangkok for assistance and more information.