One Year Visa

The One Year Visa has become very difficult to obtain with the change in visa rules in Thailand. Through an invitation from a Thai company, certain nationalities can avail a one year multiple entry visa to Thailand for tourism and business purposes. Citizens of the below countries are able to apply for the one year visa by post or in person at designated Thai consulates in their home countries.

If you are looking at living in Thailand and need to prospect Thailand for a home, employment or setting up a business then you can speak to us about the reason for your visit to Thailand and allow us to recommend a visa option for you. There is a Thai Business Visa or called a work visa which allows you to apply for a work permit in Thailand. There is also a retirement visa if you are over 50 and wish to retire in Thailand. If you are married to a Thai national you can also apply for a Thai marriage visa which can also be extended for 1 year much like the retirement visa. If you are from one of the following countries then contact us today!

Multiple Entry Business Visa
  • A. Australia
  • B. European Union states
  • C. United Kingdom
  • D. United States
About the One Year Thai Visa
  • • It’s a Non Immigrant B Visa
  • • It’s multiple entry visa
  • • Total validity is 15 months (as it can be extended for 3 months after expiry)
  • • Visa holder needs to go out of the country every 90 days for a visa stamp
  • • Able to work with this visa provided that you have a valid work permit
  • • It can be switched into another visa
  • • National or PR holder of the above qualified countries
  • • Passport
  • • Supporting documents from a Thai company

You can either mail/post your visa application to the Thai consulate. If it’s convenient for you to visit the Thai embassy or consulate you may tender your application in person.

  • • Professional preparation of the visa application forms by our Thai Visa specialist
  • • Preparation of the supporting documents
  • • Sending the visa application package to your email which you print and send to the Thai consulate.
  • • Comprehensive checklist and instructions i.e. where to send your visa application
  • • Contact with the Thai embassy in your home country to follow up the on your visa application
  • • Constant update in regards to your visa application
  • * Excludes Consular fee
Consular Fee

You would have to anticipate consular and postal fees. These fees can be settled through cashier’s cheque, money order or credit card payment.

G.A.M. Legal Alliance can assist you with a hassle-free One Year Thai visa application. Avail our service today to start the process.