Affirmation Letter – Freedom to Marry

If you wish to get married in Thailand the following pages will explain how this is done as it requires a Letter of Affirmation from the local Embassy. If you have been married before then you will also need to provide the needed documents, such as, your divorce decree or a death certificate of your former spouse (if applicable).


Getting married to a Thai national

If you are getting married to a Thai national then she will have to provide the following documents:

  • – Her Thai ID card
  • – Copy of her Divorce decree/ Death certificate (if applicable)
  • – Copy of a medical certificate that she is not pregnant if divorced less than 310 days

You will need to take legal advice if you wish to draft and register a prenuptial agreement. Note that this needs to be registered at the same time as the marriage. See the article on this on this website. Also note that Islamic marriages in Thailand needs additional steps.

Getting married to a Foreigner

Should you be getting married to a foreigner then she will have to provide the same documents as yourself. There are exceptions and these are with Filipino nationals who have a far more complex system of documents than Westerns. You will need to take legal advice on that.

  • – Your current Passport
  • – Copy of your/her Divorce decree/ Death certificate (if applicable)

These are standard documents which are normally needed. Below are the most common applications in Bangkok being mainly American, British, Canadian and Australians. Should you have any questions then you can take legal advice before you start the process. Click on the links below for more information about the letter of affirmation in Bangkok or freedom to marry while in Thailand. Each section deals with the relevant Embassy in Thailand with regards to the letter of affirmation and the marriage process in the country.

Note that once you have registered your marriage in Thailand you can then apply for a US Visa for a Thai national or an Australian visa for a Thai national.