Prenuptial Agreement

If you are seeking a prenuptial agreement which is recognized in Thailand then see our main page on prenups in Thailand. As long as the prenuptial agreements are properly drafted, agreed upon by the marrying parties and registered at the district office during the marriage registration process then they are valid in Thailand.

Prenuptial Agreement

Why agree to a Prenuptial Agreement?

It is always best to have a prenuptial agreement as it will ensure that in the event of a divorce that the matters get settled easier and much cheaper than spending money on litigation later. The following people would benefit from a prenuptial agreement:

  • – You have immovable assets such as a house or retirement funds
  • – You are a business owner
  • – You might be on the receiving end of a large inheritance
  • – You have children from a previous marriage and wish to leave them assets
  • – You are wealthier than the person you are getting married too.

There are a number of reasons why a prenuptial would make sense. With offices in Phuket and Bangkok Thailand speak to us about your family law issues for advice and cost effective solutions. See our main page on prenuptial agreements listed below. Always take sound legal advice when dealing with a prenuptial agreement.

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