Thai Visa Questions

Thai Visa Questions

All your Thai visa questions can be answered here. Your stay in Thailand will require a Thai visa at best if you are looking at staying in Thailand for more than 30 days. There are a number of options and these have been listed below including other permits that you may or may not require. Speak to us online for a discussion as to what you may require for your purpose in Thailand. Note that the Thai government has come down on persons abusing the visa system.

Below are some of the most common questions which clients have had over the years. If your question is not listed then speak to us online or email us your question. You can also call us toll-free from the US, UK or Australia if you prefer an immediate answer to your questions.

Business Visa Questions

I have a British passport. Do I need a Thai visa?

Q: I will be holidaying in Thailand for 3 weeks. I hold a British passport. Do I need a Thai visa?

Along with 41 other Nationalities, British nationals can travel to Thailand for a month without the need for a visa because they fall under the Visa Exemption Rule (Visa on Arrival) which permits the eligible national a stay of 30 days without a visa in Thailand. This said you do not need a visa. You, however, need to be in possession of a valid passport and return flight ticket as the immigration officer may ask these things at the airport. Check the list of the eligible 42 countries for the VER from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs website ( See also the Thailand retirement visa for a married couple options.


Is there a Thai Visa for business travelers?

Q: As an American businessman, I need to travel a lot. I have to go to Bangkok and Phuket quite frequently on business. Is there any facility, Thai Visa wise, for frequent business travelers like me?

There is a one-year or three-year multiple-entry business visa intended for this purpose. This visa allows you to travel to Thailand as frequently as you want as long as the visa remains valid but you are permitted to stay for less than 90 days on each visit.

I want to work in Thailand what visa do I need?

Q: I want to work in Thailand. I am a Filipino and I am currently living in Malaysia. How should I go about getting the necessary visa?

In order to work in Thailand, there are 2 important employment documents that you have to organize with the help of your employing company: (1) Thai Business Visa and (2) Work Permit. Through the employing company’s invitation letter and supporting documents, you may apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa category “B” (business) at the Royal Thai Embassy in Manila.

One important document that you have to furnish the embassy is a pre-approved Work Permit application otherwise known as WP3. This can be obtained by your employer from the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor. You may proceed and apply for the actual Work Permit once you get to Thailand with your Non-B visa.

Going on training course what Thai visa do I need?

Q: I am a Singaporean national currently working for a company in the USA. My company has assigned me to attend a training course in Thailand for 6 weeks. Should I apply for a visa, and where can I do that?

Yes, you would need to obtain a Non-immigrant B visa before coming to Thailand. You may apply for such a visa at any Royal Thai Embassy in the USA. The basic requirements are a recommendation letter from your company verifying your status and assignment. You would also have to prove your legal immigration and employment status in the US and that you would be able to re-enter the US without any problems.


I am a student offered employment what do I do now?

Q: I am a Burmese and I just finished my study in Chiang Mai. Now I want to work with a company in Bangkok. What should I do?

You would have to apply for a new visa at the Thai embassy/consulate in neighboring countries. You would also need a Work Permit. Hence, it’s best to get in touch with the immigration office and Department of Employment right away.

Does a charity worker need a visa in Thailand?

Q: Does a charity worker need a visa to work for a charity in Thailand? I will not earn any money in Thailand. I am an Australian.

At the moment, charity workers are now required to have a Non-B Visa and a work permit so you have to speak with the NGO or foundation that you will work for to arrange these things for you.

Family Visa Questions

No Thai Embassy at home how do I get a Thai visa?

Q: I am a Lithuanian National. I want to go to Bangkok for sightseeing for just 7 days. I am aware that Lithuanian nationals have to obtain a visa before entering Thailand. But there is no Thai Embassy or consulate in my country. How should I go over this problem? Please advise.

You have three options:

Visa On Arrival – You can apply for a Visa on Arrival at the Airport as soon as you get to Thailand. This visa is valid for 15 days. You would have to show a return flight ticket, sufficient financial means to be able to apply for the visa. Anticipate a visa fee at 1900 Baht Currently, there 20 nationals who are eligible under this scheme. You may check these countries on Thai MFA website at (

If you require longer than 15 days stay in Thailand, you may apply for a visa at the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate-General in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. They would be able to give a 30-day visa. If you require more than 30 days, say 2 months, you can always visit the nearest Thai embassy to apply for a tourist visa, says the Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow in Russia.

Passport error 30-day visa instead of a 90-day?

Q: I have obtained a Non-Immigrant B visa from the Thai embassy in Kuala Lumpur. When I got to Thailand, my passport was stamped with a 30-day visa instead of a 90-day visa. What should I do to correct this mistake?

You more or less forgot to write your visa number at your arrival card or your visa must have been stamped somewhere else so the officer didn’t see it. It’s fine staying in Thailand with your 30-day visa waiver as long as you don’t have to work and apply for a work permit. However, if you need the Non B visa to facilitate other legal matters then you either go out of the country or visit the consular division at the immigration office for the correction of your visa.


Can I extend my 60 tourist visa in Thailand?

Q: I am a French national currently staying in Phuket on my vacation. Is there a way I can extend my 60-day tourist visa as I wish to stay longer in Thailand?

You have to visit the Thai immigration office in Phuket and apply for the extension before your visa expires. Your visa can be extended for 30 days. The visa fee is around 1900 Baht. If you are older than 50 years old then you can also consider applying for a Retirement Visa or if you have a Thai wife then you can also apply for a Marriage Visa at a Thai embassy and extend the visa in Thailand for 12 months at Thai immigration.

My Thai visa says 3 months what does this mean?

Q: I got a tourist visa from the Thai embassy in Nairobi. I understand from what is written on the visa stamp that the visa is valid for 3 months. Does it mean that I can stay in Thailand for 3 months?

No, it’s not the case. The 3-month validity refers to the period of time the visa remains valid before your travel to Thailand. Your allowed duration of stay in the country is different. This will be stamped by the immigration officer at the airport when you arrive in Thailand.


Can I leave Thailand and return – what is needed?

Q: I am a Somalian and I came to Thailand with a single-entry business visa. Now, I need to go to Nepal for an emergency meeting for several days and I plan on coming back to Thailand as I still have some stuff to do here. Do I need to get another visa?

No, you don’t need another visa. However, you would have to secure a RE-ENTRY PERMIT before leaving for Singapore at the Thai Immigration Office so that your visa will not be canceled when you leave Thailand. The re-entry permit fee is THB 1,000.


I have a marriage visa and getting divorce. What are my options?

Q: I am currently holding a Marriage Visa as I am married to a Thai. However, we will be divorcing next month by mutual consent. We have a daughter together who is both Thai and British and I will have the sole custody. What are my visa options?

Your marriage remains valid until it expires regardless of the fact that you are divorcing your Thai wife. But, you won’t be able to renew the visa later on. However, as you have a Thai daughter together, you may be able to apply for a Non-Immigrant O visa or a Guardian Visa. This entails meeting the financial requirement.


If you have any questions about your Thai visa which has not been answered by the above-mentioned questions then speak to us online or call us toll-free for more information. If you are in Thailand you can also walk into our offices in Bangkok or Phuket for assistance. Speak to us today if this did not answer your Thai visa questions!