Viewing your Property

Viewing your property or inspecting the property before signing the purchase agreement is needed. It is always good to visit the property you are looking at. The due diligence report will only tell you if the property has a usufruct, servitude, or mortgage bond over the property.

Viewing your Property

Viewing your Property

Some of the most common issues in Thailand have become common in Thailand when buy a condo in Thailand be it for living in or for investment. The following would be the most common problems. The due diligence will not tell you what type of area it is. See also the building regulations in Thailand for more insight.

What to check for?

What is the traffic like and is there any industrial estate close by? Is it in a flood zone in Bangkok? There are a number of flood maps on the internet which has been produced by the government. When buying a property in Thailand for the first time always understand the land ownership laws in Thailand as well as what to look at when deciding to buy an investment property in Thailand Also fully understand the Title Deeds in Thailand and what foreigners are allowed to buy. There is also an article on the Chanote title deed as well as what to check for when buying property. You can read about this in the rental agreements in the Civil and Commercial code.


In recent years flooding has become a common problem in Bangkok. The Thai government has produced a number of maps for Bangkok to show where most of the flooding occurs. You can search Google for these maps as they are very easy to find. You can also ask the estate agent or property developer about the area and if the area had been affected in the past. They might not tell you and this is why it is best to visit the area and ask the local people about flooding in that area. This is the most common practice from buyers.


If you are not close to the MRT or BTS system, then you will be needing a taxi. If you are going to conduct business in Thailand, then finding out what the traffic looks like during peak is a good idea. This means you would have to visit the area in the morning and in the evening during peak hours. This is the best way to see traffic congestion. Visiting the area is the best way to see what the traffic would be like. Month-end is normally the best time to do this.

Material Quality

When you visit the condo if it is second hand then look at the quality of the materials. Renovation in Thailand can be costly if you are wanting to use Western standard materials. In many of the older buildings, water pipes use PVC piping and these tend to burst so you would be looking for watermarks on the walls in the bathroom and kitchen especially under the sink.

Also, tiles pushing away from the wall. Most of the older buildings are single walls and there was no use of cavity walls which causes heat to build upon the side where the sun shines. These tend to shorten the lifespan of the water pipes. These are common problems mainly in buildings older than 20 years. Note that this is explained in the Contract Controlled Business laws in Thailand. See the part on property material list and what can be substituted. 


See the article on zoning as there might be a weekend market close to you which can cause traffic jams on weekends. Open food markets can also be problematic for both a condo and a house as the smell can become a problem in summer with insects added to the problem. You also don’t want to buy a condo close to an industrial estate for the same reason of smell and dust. Dust can be a major problem depending on where you buy in Bangkok.

These are the basics as to what to look for when buying a condo or house in Thailand. Always seek legal advice before you deposit money for the property and always visit the property at different times of the day to see what happens at night and in the morning. See the page if you want to buy a condo in pattaya page for more information.

If you are buying property in Thailand then consider having a land title search done as property fraud is not unheard of. This will ensure that the owner of the property is the person you are talking to. You will see that we also offer a notary service in Thailand.

The information contained on our website is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. 

Viewing your Property FAQ


Usually when you view a property the estate agent will allow you to inspect the property when it is convenient to both you and the owner. Use a property checklist when viewing the property as you can get sidetracked by talking and forget to check the obvious.


Virtual viewing of a property is new and not really found much in Thailand. The best you will find are pictures from different angles of the property for sale. Many of the investment properties are on video as the construction is still incomplete.


A property checklist should cover most issues. Looking for damp in Thailand is important as it is a humid environment. Checking for dust is also important and you can flip open the air conditioning unit to see the filter. Under cupboards as well as painted over marks in the bathroom.


Most house viewings are short except when you are buying for investment. These investment properties are usually larger and comes with more built in cupboards which all need checking. Take your time and prepare your checklist before viewing.


See the zoning as there may be an open market near the property, Bug are terrible. Louds music on weekends is also not entertaining.Traffic is an issue so check on weekends what the traffic looks like. Also check the flood zones and if the building has flood mitigation if needed.