Andreyev Doman Lawyers

Andreyev Doman Lawyers is a full-service commercial law firm with offices in Sydney and Adelaide. We build the legal framework on which entrepreneurs and investors build their success. The firm focuses on working with successful entrepreneurs, family businesses and investors over the longer term. In order to achieve this, it practices law differently.

In what ways are Andreyev Doman Lawyers different?

  • First, they develop strong relationships. They do this by putting people and outcomes before money. They work as a member of your “in-house team”, rather than as an arm’s length adviser.
  • Then they put you in control. They listen, and they implement. Through their tailored documents, practical structures and dispute resolution tools, they limit your risks, reduce the cost of unexpected events and build a solid platform to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Finally, they are open and straight forward about how they charge. For commercial matters they provide very accurate estimates of the fees they charge for the work they perform. For dispute matters they clearly set out the stages of the dispute process and the likely costs as things progress. They can only do this successfully if they take the time to clearly understand your objectives, stay within their areas of experience and expertise, and deliver what they promise.

In summary, you come first. Not their egos or their profits.

Andreyev Doman Lawyers can be found in Sydney at:
Level 3, 105 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Building a home in Thailand?

If you are building a home in Thailand then see the articles on your Thailand construction permit as well as land zoning. If you are considering property investment in Thailand then speak to us online for more information and guidance. This especially now with the Thailand 10 year visa on offer. Always take care before you invest in property in the country. Bangkok and Pattaya are full on incomplete properties.