Meet our partners

In keeping with our objective of providing a comprehensive and one-stop service to our clients we have made special partnerships through Memorandum of Understanding with some law firms across the region specializing in various legal practices. We have so far successfully made partnerships with a law firm in the Philippines and a few law firms in Australia.

Domingo Munsayac and Associates

Domingo Munsayac and Associates (DM Law) is a full service law firm offering a wide range of legal service in the fields of corporate, commercial, administrative, labor, taxation, immigration, intellectual property laws and litigation, among others.

Robert Balzola and Associates

Established in 2002, Robert Balzola and Associates has been created out of a call from the wider community for proprietor Mr Robert Balzola, to enter directly into the field of migration assistance and migration representations. Robert Balzola is a former Departmental officer of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and has over 15 years experience in the migration related field within the Commonwealth Government of Australia in addition to this registered migration practice.

PK Simpson

PK Simpson is a Sydney based law firm that specialises solely in Personal Injury Law. The firm has been helping ordinary Australians claim the compensation they are entitled to for34 years and have been successful in 1000′s of cases.

Andreyev Doman Lawyers

Andreyev Doman Lawyers is a full-service commercial law firm with offices in Sydney and Adelaide. We build the legal framework on which entrepreneurs and investors build their success.The firm focuses on working with successful entrepreneurs, family businesses and investors over the longer term. In order to achieve this, it practices law differently.

Terrett Lawyers

Terrett Lawyers is a New South Wales solicitors firm. The firm specializes in corporate law and criminal and family law. See our partners pages and websites for more details.

Need a lawyer in Thailand?

If you need a lawyer in Thailand then see our partners above. This as well as our services in Thailand. See the Thailand real estate lawyers on this website as what you will need to know about the property market. See also the Thailand family lawyer articles on this website. There is also the articles on the Thai immigration lawyer and the process with buying a condo in Thailand. Also the how to transfer money to buy property overseas.