Valentin Declercq


Valentin Declercq

Valentin obtained his Bachelor (LLB) and Master’s Degree (LLM) with Cum Laude at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. He was a former intern of GAM Legal Alliance, Bangkok Office. During his internship he immersed himself into the Thai Corporate Legal practice which eventually became his Master’s Thesis.

Previous work experiences of Valentin include internship and legal practice in the banking and litigation sectors in Brussels, Belgium.

Valentin is currently involved in the management of the company and works as a legal advisor. He works closely with our Thai lawyers in assisting our foreign clients. He speaks English and French.

High net worth retirement in Thailand?

There have been many changes in Thailand over the last few years. We have seen the Thailand 10 year visa which came in 2022 as well as talk about foreigners owning land in Thailand. We have also seen more foreign yachts in port and more yacht registration enquiries. There has also been an increase in enquiries about taxes in Thailand for expats as the expat population grows. Also more couples retiring in Thailand and more business registration applications