Thailand Lawyer

If you are visiting Thailand or going to move to Thailand. Then you should consider getting a Thailand lawyer to show you the way. Many rules have changed over the past few years and they evolve each year. This especially for those who wish to live in Thailand. The Thai retirement visa as well as the Thai marriage visa has seen a number of changes.

Family Law

If you are getting married in Thailand or you are getting divorced then a Thailand lawyer is what you are going to need to get the best advice. Getting married can be complicated depending on your nationality. If you need the freedom to marry a British national or an American then it is easier. If you are however from an Arab country or some of the Muslim countries such as Malaysia. For those who want a traditional Muslim marriage, it becomes very complicated if you are trying to do this on your own. The affirmation process from Embassies of Muslim countries tends to be difficult.

Thailand Lawyer

If you are getting divorced in Thailand then there are two options. The first is an administrative divorce which is easier to do as it does not require a court to hear the case. The other is a litigated divorce which does become costly as well as complicated depending on the reasons for the divorce. The legal assistance of a Thai lawyer would be needed from a Thai law firm.

Thai Visa Process

Most foreigners in Thailand tend to be either married to a Thai national and have applied for a marriage visa for Thailand. They could also be extending a marriage visa. The others are mainly those on a retirement visa for Thailand. They do their annual extension of the retirement visa for Thailand. These would be the most Western expats in Thailand. The laws do change and you should always ensure that you have a Thai lawyer’s advice for any changes. Laws have changed each year for the past 4 years. Always ensure that you have the latest requirements of these laws and rules.

Foreign Visas in Thailand

Many foreigners come to Thailand and get married. There are a number of options. If you have registered your marriage in Thailand. Then you can apply for a US spouse visa or an American K3 visa in Thailand. There would also be the option of a CR1 visa or IR1 visa which you would need to take advice on. If you are not married then the K1 visa from Thailand for your Thai girlfriend would be your only option. Then there is also the British fiancée visa from Thailand for your Thai girlfriend. If you are married then the British spouse visa is what you will need. Much the same with Australian citizens who are married to a Thai national or obtaining an Australian visa for your Thai girlfriend.

Thailand Immigration Lawyer

These are some of those issues where you will need a Thailand lawyer. Many forget when they apply for a foreign visa they forget to add the minor child or child of their Thai girlfriend where they would as an example need a K2 visa from Thailand or a K4 visa from Thailand for your Thai wife’s child or children. Foreign visas are very difficult and complex. You don’t want a visa rejection because of the incorrect documents which you had supplied or have not been told certain information for your Thai wife or girlfriend. When speaking to a Thailand lawyer many of these issues will be covered and you will be given the best legal advice possible.

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