Thai Property Measurements

Thai property measurements are important when buying property as the measurements in Thailand are different to that of the West. If you don’t know how large a Rai of land is then you will need to speak to a property lawyer for assistance in Thailand. Also when you are buying off plan you will need to see if the measurements are wall to wall inside the rooms or does it include the wall itself.



Property Measurements

Property MeasurementsWhen buying off-plan you have to ask the attorneys to check that the property has been measured properly. You need to ensure that the measurements are done wall to wall and that these are the measurements on the plan. There are a number of property assessors in Thailand which the Thai banks use and your property lawyer in Thailand would know who they are to do a property inspection.

The assessor will measure the apartment or condo and provide the property lawyers in Thailand with a report on any issues that they see including but not limited to cracked walls or broken water pipes. Without a proper inspection you run the risk of a bad investment.

1 Rai of land in Thailand

square kilometer (km²)0.0016
are (a)16
square meter (m²)1,600
square decimeter (dm²)160,000
square centimeter (cm²)16,000,000
square millimeter (mm²)1,600,000,000

1 Ngan of Land in Thailand

square kilometer (km²)0.0004
are (a)4
square meter (m²)400
square decimeter (dm²)40,000
square centimeter (cm²)4,000,000
square millimeter (mm²)400,000,000
barn (b)4.000*1030

1 Tarang wah of Thailand (Square Wa)

square kilometer (km²)0.000004
are (a)0.04
square meter (m²)4
square decimeter (dm²)400
square centimeter (cm²)40,000
square millimeter (mm²)4,000,000

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Thai Property Measurements FAQ

What measurement system does Thailand use?

In December 1923 Thailand adopted the Metric system in the country. The old Thai units are still common in Thailand when it comes to land measurement. Thailand still employs anthropic units when it came to land measurements but standard metric for everything else.

1 Rai = 0.16 Hectares or 1,600 square meters or 0.395 Acres

Thailand is 513,120 km² or 51.312 million hectares

1 Wah = 4 Square meters

1 Sq Wah = 4 Square meters

1 Rai = 1,600 sqm

1 rai = 0,395 Acres

1 rai = 17,222.26 square feet

1 Rai = 0,395 Acres