Vivienne Letada

Foreign Visa Specialist

Vivienne Letada

Vivienne is a graduate of the University of the Philippines- Manila where she earned a degree in Social Sciences major in Area Studies in 2003.

With her strong interest in international migration, Vivienne applied and worked as an Immigration Specialist in an international law firm in Bangkok where she worked as the Senior Foreign Visa Specialist for a period of 3 years before joining our firm.

At GAM Legal Alliance, she specializes in temporary and permanent migration to countries such as US, UK, Europe (Schengen Countries), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Saudi Arabia and almost all countries in the world. She has processed complex migration applications ranging from overstayed, deported, banned applicants and those who are ineligible/ inadmissible to enter the country of destination owing to violation of immigration laws and/or personal ineligibilities.

Vivienne currently heads our Foreign Visa services and she works with a dedicated Thai assistant to fully assist our Thai clients.