UK Fiancee Visa

Note that the Thai fiancé of a UK national can enter the United Kingdom on a UK Fiancé Visa so that she can stay in the UK permanently after the marriage with you her British fiancé. Also note that initially your fiancé will be allowed to stay in the United Kingdom for a period of 6 months.

Your marriage should have occurred in the UK within this 3-month period so that she may have an adjustment of status. This will eventually allow your now wife to stay in the United Kingdom permanently. See the UK Visa page for more options on a UK visa for a Thai.

British Fiancee Visa : Requirements

It’s important when applying for a UK fiancee visa that both the visa applicant and British sponsor meet the following requirements for the UK fiancé visa application:

  • – You are both free to get married
  • – You can provide substantial evidence of a genuine relationship
  • – You as the visa applicant should have no criminal record
  • – You as the visa applicant should be in good health free of TB
  • – You as the visa sponsor should have accommodation in the UK
  • – You as the visa sponsor should be financially stable

If you have any questions about the UK Fiancee visa process then speak to us online or call our UK toll-free number for a chat about your options in Thailand. If you do decide to get married in Thailand then you can also speak to us about registering your marriage and applying for a UK Spouse visa once registered.

UK Fiancee Visa Process

The British fiancé should provide all needed documents from your end as the UK visa sponsor. This should include all needed documents from your Thai fiancé’s as these will have to be submitted to the VFS or UK Visa Application Center in Bangkok – a UK government-appointed agency that sorts out UK visa applications. VFS will in turn forward the application to the UK embassy for evaluation.

The very success of your British fiancé visa application in Thailand depends on your effort in collecting the needed documents. If you are not confident about fully understanding the process and requirements involved, it’s best to call us and speak to us for assistance. Nobody wants a visa denial while in Bangkok.

UK Fiancé Visa Package

To ensure a trouble-free UK fiancée visa application in Thailand we are delighted to assist you and your fiancee with the application through our comprehensive package as follows:

  • – Consultation
  • – Comprehensive list of the required documents from applicant and from the sponsor
  • – Assistance with collecting all the needed documents
  • – Assistance with obtaining a police report for the fiancée from Thai police
  • – Assistance with medical check-up for the fiancée
  • – Professional Preparation of the visa application papers and supporting documents
  • – Interview training
  • – Submission of the visa application to the VFS
  • – Update on the developments and results of the visa application

G.A.M. Legal Alliance has a team of foreign immigration staff specializing in UK Visas such as Family Visit Visa, Student visa, Fiancé Visa or Spouse Visa. Please contact us today to avail our free consultation service.